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The opportunity to purchase or renew season tickets and priority seating is not a property right, but rather a license that may be revoked by ICA at any time.  At the discretion of ICA, renewal is generally offered to season ticket holders and priority seating holders for the same seating that was held the previous year.

Account holder: The account holder is the customer whose name appears on the first name line in our computer ticketing system.

Payment: Payments for tickets and/or priority seating are accepted from the account holder only.  Payments made toward an account with a different name will not be accepted. A delivery fee will apply to every ticket order. Online per ticket fees will also apply to all football and men's basketball orders.

Tax Receipts: Tax receipts are issued only to the account holder making the payment.

Business: Business accounts must be placed with the company name on the first line, with the individual representative listed on the second (care of) line. The business is the account holder regardless of whose name appears on the second line.

Individual: Individual accounts are designated by the name that appears on the first line (i.e. the account holder).

Gifts: Gifts and priority seating payments are attributed to the entity making the gift, unless otherwise specified by the donor. Priority seating payment must be entered into the account with season tickets, while unrestricted gifts can be made on behalf of another person (at donor's request).  This must be designated in writing when the gift is tendered.

Mailing address: The mailing address for an account must be the mailing address of the account holder (business or home). Any addresses that do not match the account holder's name will not be mailed and will be held for pick-up by the account holder. Tickets will not be sent to an address that includes "C/O" or "Care of" in the address line or an individual's name other than the account holder, unless documentation is provided that the person is a legal representative of the account holder.  Tickets are not deliverable to forwarded addresses.

Priority seating and season tickets may only be transferred in the circumstances outlined below or at the discretion of the Athletics Director. This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and may be modified or discontinued at any time.

Death: Accumulated priority points may be transferred to the surviving spouse with written notification to ICA. ICA will consider offering season ticket renewal privileges to the surviving spouse. In the event there is no surviving spouse, ICA will reassign the tickets. With regard to life passes in football and/or basketball, the surviving spouse will automatically have the opportunity to purchase the tickets at full price, including the priority seating fee, if applicable. Tickets may not remain in the name of a deceased account holder.

Divorce/Dissolution: Accumulated priority points will not be transferred in the case of divorce or dissolution. ICA will consider offering season ticket renewal privileges to the spouse of the account holder, if so ordered by a decree of dissolution. ICA requires a copy of the decree to request a transfer.

Spouse: Accumulated priority points may be transferred to the spouse with notarized written authorization from the account holder. ICA will consider offering season tickets to the spouse.

Business: The primary name on the account may be changed to/from a business if the individual is the owner of the business.  Requests and proof of ownership must be made to ICA in writing.  Accumulated priority points may also be transferred from a business to an individual if the owner(s)/board of directors notifies ICA in writing that the individual should be the account holder and the individual is the sole proprietor or sole shareholder.  ICA will consider offering season tickets to the new account holder in either instance.

Immediate Family: Accumulated priority points will not be transferred to immediate family (defined as parents, stepparents, legal guardians, children, grandchildren, stepchildren or siblings of the account holder). ICA will consider offering season tickets to immediate family members. ICA must be notified in writing of the request to transfer tickets, and requires a copy of a legal document (birth certificate, adoption papers, "letter of recognition" or driver's license) before executing the transfer.

Trusts: Tickets and priority points may not be transferred into a Trust. Tickets must remain in a business or individual's name.

Power of Attorney (POA): POA is recognized as the authority of an individual to take legal action on behalf of another person.  It is also recognized that this action may include the payment of expenses and other matters related to personal property.  Payments made through POA must be accompanied by a copy of the written documentation of POA privileges.  Payments made through POA must be made using the account holder's funds (i.e. signing on behalf of the account holder's checks).  Payments may not be made on the account holder's behalf with personal funds outside of the POA.  Requests (i.e. Transfers) made through POA must be made in writing and accompanied with a copy of the written documentation of POA privileges.

ICA reserves the right to cancel all or any part of an order and refund accordingly. Cashing checks and processing orders is not necessarily a guarantee that orders will be filled.  ICA also reserves the right to reassign or refuse to renew tickets and priority seating without prior notice, at the discretion of the Athletics Director. Tickets for which payment has not been received by the date specified on renewal invoice are subject to cancellation.

Tickets not purchased directly from the University of Arizona are not guaranteed to be valid. Persons admitted with invalid tickets may be removed from the venue.

It is the account holder's responsibility to inform the McKale Ticket Office of any change of address. No address may be changed without written notification from the account holder.  Address changes can be made online, or indicated on your renewal statement and returned with your payment.  Tickets are not deliverable to forwarded addresses.  Please indicate if you have a summer address(any address different from your permanent address where information and tickets should be mailed between May 1 and September 1).  There is a $15 service charge for tickets returned due to a non-deliverable address.

As a service to our ticket holders, duplicate tickets can be printed.  A nonrefundable fee of $10 must be paid at the time the duplicates are issued.  Reprinted tickets will be provided after verification of the account holder. NOTE: Duplicates will be issued only to the account holder.  Individual game tickets purchased at the box office on gameday cannot be duplicated.  UA Students who do not have their CatCard (for any reason) will need to purchase a public ticket (based on availability) and will not be able to enter the designated ZonaZoo section. 

As a representative of Arizona Athletics the NCAA mandates that we notify you that your benefits and privileges may be withheld if you violate NCAA regulations. Benefits and privileges may include, but are not limited to, tickets, priority point accumulation, advertising, parking and recognition.

Official University of Arizona game tickets may not be used for promotional or advertising purposes, including, but not limited to, contests, prizes, or sweepstakes without the express written consent of the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. For information call the Marketing and Corporate Sales Office at (520) 621-8081.

Official University of Arizona game tickets may not be used for fund-raising purposes, including, but not limited to, raffles, auctions, or door prizes without the express written consent of the Public Relations and Special Events Office. For information call (520) 621-2331.

Donor Parking: Parking is only guaranteed for season ticket holders at the Bear Down Circle giving level or above. Bear Down Circle members must pay for the season parking prior to the renewal deadline. Coaches' Circle level and above will receive complimentary parking (See the Fan Guide for more information). All parking will be assigned according to the Gift Club Level and priority point system. All requests for specific lots should be done prior to the renewal deadline.

Public Parking: Ticket holders who are not at the Bear Down giving level may not request season parking through the Athletics Ticket Office. Season parking is also available through Parking and Transportation at (520) 621-3710.

Disabled Parking: Limited parking for disabled patrons is available in proximity lots and the Cherry Garage. All requests for disabled parking must be done prior to the renewal deadline and must have either a valid state issued permanent disability placard in the account holder's name or disabled license plates registered to the account holder. A copy of the placard or the registration must accompany the parking request or season renewal each year.

Single Game Parking: Parking for individual games is available at selected garages and parking lots on campus for a fee. For cost and locations, contact Parking and Transportation at (520) 621-3710.