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Arizona Athletics Communications Services Department
McKale Memorial Center
1 National Championship Dr., Room 106
P.O. Box 210096 #106
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (520) 621-4163 | Fax: (520) 621-2681

To request credentials for Arizona Athletics events, please contact the appropriate member of the communications services department via e-mail.

Arizona Credential Policy

  • Credentials are granted to authorized working press, University of Arizona approved officials and game management personnel only.
  • With the exception of Wildcat beat reporters covering the team on a daily basis and producing daily reports, all passes are approved and issued on a game-by-game basis.
  • Media organization identification and the name of the media member covering the game for that outlet are required for every credential.
  • Passes are not transferable. Media members that need to alter their original request should do so by contacting the appropriate sport contact.
  • Media credential requests must be received 48 hours prior to that week’s game to receive consideration.
  • The University of Arizona and the NCAA prohibits the issuance of press credentials to representatives of any organization that regularly publishes or otherwise promotes the advertising of “tout sheets” or “tip sheets,” or other advertising designed to encourage gambling on collegiate sporting events.
  • The University of Arizona will not grant press credentials to any media members that actively promote or encourage gambling on collegiate sporting events, including those that endorse or interview gambling organizations.
  • Space at Arizona athletics events is limited. Working space and credentials will be allotted based on the following priority guidelines:

1) Originating television and radio personnel involved in a live broadcast

2) Daily newspapers covering for next-day publication (based on circulation)

a) Wire services and national publications

b) UA Web site partners and visiting university Web site partners

3) National Web site reporters writing for postgame articles on television network or historically printed publication Web sites.

a) Note: Web reporters writing for regional and independent Web sites or with live updates do not qualify.

4) Officially recognized University of Arizona and visiting university student newspapers, publications and news outlets

5) University of Arizona-approved publications covering the Wildcats on an exclusive basis

6) Non-originating radio and television personnel reporting on the game. Only the following radio personnel receive consideration for credentials based on space:

a) Tucson-area radio stations with a full-time sports director conducting a sports-based show on a daily basis

b) Beat radio sports directors or reporters covering a visiting team

c) Sports director or reporter for an affiliate station of the Arizona Wildcats Sports Network

7)      Non-daily newspapers or publications reporting on the game


Conditions Placed on the Use of Credentials

NOTE: Acceptance and possession of a UA media credential implies endorsement of the following conditions placed on their use.

This working credential is issued as a courtesy to an accredited agency for the sole purpose of providing facility access to the accredited agency's employee who has a legitimate working function (media or game service) in connection with this athletic event. This credential is non-transferable and may be revoked at any time without cause. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects the bearer to immediate ejection from the facility and prosecution for criminal trespass or other legal action, and potential loss of all privileges for the organization to whom this credential is issued. The University of Arizona reserves the right to terminate this credential upon notice to the organization and to change the terms and conditions for issuance of any subsequent credential to the organization.

By accepting this credential, the individual and the individual's organization hereby agrees that all right and title to the copyrights contained within any work created by the individual and/or the individual's organization (i.e. wordmarks, trademarks, logos, etc.) by recording any portion of the event in any audio media, visual media, or audiovisual media shall be deemed the sole property of the University of Arizona. Any organization wishing to use film, pictures, or tape in any manner (including transmission over the internet) other than as permitted below, must obtain prior written permission from the University of Arizona Athletic Department. Furthermore, the permission granted below shall not be assigned, transferred or disposed of to any third party.

Subject to all restrictions contained in this credential, this credential (if issued for a media function) authorizes the use, solely by the agency and solely for news and editorial coverage of the event, of the descriptions, accounts, photographs, films, audio or video recordings, or drawings of or relating to the event (including, without limitation, any interviews press conferences or other facility activities relating to the event) taken, made, created, or compiled by the agency's employee (collectively "Agency Materials"). For the avoidance of doubt, Agency Materials may not be exploited by the agency for any purpose other than news or editorial use. Any other use or attempted use by the employee of the agency of Agency Materials, including any distribution of Agency Materials to third parties other than ultimate consumers (e.g. newspaper readers) at any time and for any purpose, is expressly prohibited, unless the agency has obtained the advance written permission of the University of Arizona for such other use. As between the agency or the employee and the University of Arizona, the University of Arizona is the exclusive owner of all copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary rights in its names, logos and uniformed designs, and in the event and all materials (in any and all media) related thereto, except for Agency Materials created pursuant to this credential (to the extent they do not incorporate materials owned by the University of Arizona in accordance with the foregoing).

Any film, video, or digital video of any portion of the event, which includes footage of the game and interviews taken at the event, may be used by the individual's organization only in connection with a regularly-scheduled television newscast within the seven-day period following the day of the event, and the cumulative duration of the portion of the event that is broadcast during each newscast shall not exceed (a) three (3) minutes in length of "same-day" postgame highlights on game days and (b) two (2) minutes of current-season highlights on any other day, or (c) if an accredited organization airs a continuous-loop news service, video material including more than seven (7) plays in any 15-minute segment or fourteen (14) plays in any 30-minute segment of such service. Only the specific organization to which this credential is issued may air such video, audio, pictures, photographs, or other non-text based accounts or descriptions of the event in any media, and neither live or delayed footage of this event may be shown during the live network (cable or broadcast) presentation of this event while in progress. One or more still images may be published in media that is regularly published on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Use of film, video, or digital video in any other manner or on any other media distribution platform without the advance written permission of the University of Arizona and, where applicable, Collegiate Images and Collegiate Licensing Co. LLC, is expressly prohibited.

Radio stations that do not have rights granted in accordance with a specific written contract with the institutions participating in the event shall not carry any broadcast report on a live basis or any live description of any game action while it is still in progress. A station may report on the non-event activities (other than on a live basis from inside the facility) for broadcast within a newscast and is not precluded from reporting or updating a score of a contest while it is in progress except from courtside.

The organization accepting this credential assumes all risk incident to, and hereby release the University of Arizona from any and all liability arising in connection with, attending the event and creating and using Agency Materials. The agency agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the University of Arizona from and against all liability, loss, damage or expense arising out of the issuance of this credential, the employee's presence in the facility, or any other activity of the agency or employee in connection with the event (including without limitation, any claims that Agency Materials infringe the intellectual property rights, publicity rights, or any rights of any third party). In no event shall the University of Arizona be liable to the agency or employee for any incidental, special, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of or relating to this credential.

Acceptance of credentials constitutes agreement by the individual accepting the credential, the bearer, and all employees of the organization to abide by the foregoing conditions. Thank you for your cooperation.


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