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Wilbur 13

Wilbur was selected to be a part of the Capital One Mascot Challenge and he is one of three mascots representing the Pac-12! Each week he is matched up with a new mascot from another school and he needs your votes to keep him in the race. After twelve weeks the top eight mascots advance and have a chance at winning $20,000 which we will put towards the mascot endowment. You can vote by texting Wilbur to 78527 (250 texts per hour), online at or on facebook (search capital one mascot challenge).

Wilbur has been enjoying the competition and one highlight in particular was he was flown out to California this summer to film videos for commercials that can be seen on TV and online. In addition, we got a bonus surprise when producers invited Wilma to the shoot so she could take part in the fun as well!


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