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Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
GymCat Blog: Krysten Howard
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 21, 2013
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Hey GymCat fans!

I hope you all are getting just as excited for season to start as we are. November is almost over, and January is just around the corner! The team is looking amazing; you can really see everyone’s hard work paying off. It makes me proud to be a Wildcat seeing such inspiring talent in the gym. This season you will see the GymCats like you’ve never seen them before… we’re ready to show you what we’re made of!

But before all the chaos starts, the team headed up to Mt. Lemmon this past weekend for our second annual retreat. Since we’re not just a “team” but also a family, we find it important to take a couple days away from the gym and spend some quality time together, no distractions, making lasting memories. One of my favorite parts was when the team made dinner for everyone on Saturday. We made it a Mexican fajita night and everyone had a part: Seniors prepared the entrée, Juniors made Spanish rice and fruit salad, Sophomores made homemade salsa and guacamole, and the Freshmen prepared the salad. It was delicious. That weekend we also went on a beautiful hike up Mt. Lemmon. Heading up the mountain, we shared stories, took pictures, and embraced the beautiful views of the forest scenery. It was perfect. From the family dinners, to the crazy late night games, and everything in between it was definitely a weekend full of smiles and laughter.

We had one more thing planned for our weekend; something we were all looking forward too, and slightly curious about. We asked Sports Psychologist, Dr. Goldman, to speak to us at our retreat, and he asked us to bring a photo of ourselves that represented a time when we were most in love with our sport. During his talk with us, he explained that talent is not a birth right; we are not born to be who we are today. In fact, once upon a time we were just little girls in the gym who had a dream. Our talent comes from our everyday fight to reach that dream. But sadly, sometimes we tend to forget that little girl in our pictures who simply loved gymnastics. We get caught up in the stress, and pressure, and we only focus on the “job.” The thing is, it’s not a job, or at least it shouldn’t be. We should always love what we do and do what we love. Yes, it gets hard, and yes, it gets painful, and sometimes you aren’t sure how much more you can take. But that is when you search deep down, remember that little girl, and you fight for her. Overall, we learned that if we go back to basics, find our passion, and strive for the things we love, that is when we will find our strength become true champions.

Dr. Goldman really showed us the meaning of passion and how to live it out. We learned that our team can be stronger than ever by sharing this passion and using it as an unstoppable force to launch us into this year’s season. For all this, we thank him. This year we look forward to sharing not only our talent, but also our love for the sport, which shines in every step we take. Get ready for something special Wildcats! Bear Down!

Krysten Howard

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