Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Where Are They Now?
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 17, 2012
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Dec. 17, 2012

Hunter Pace, baseball letterman is recently began a career in residential Real Estate in the greater phoenix area.  Hunter, like most athletes, was in search of a career where he was not required to sit behind a desk all day.  He enjoys this position because he feels he is very active; and now able to channel his competitive drive into something he is passionate about.  Hunter values every aspect of his job but has really enjoyed helping recent college graduates through the first time home buying process.  We asked Hunter to describe his new career path and how he got started!

I ended up in Real Estate because I have never enjoyed sitting behind a desk all day and with real estate your always on the go and it was an occupation that i found that was extremely competitive which i had always heard from letterwinners older then me that it was tough to find something that was comparable to college sports in just the all around competitive aspect.

How do you stay connected with other Letterwinners?

You know we are fortunate at UofA to have such a close knit family, because whether its a letterwinner I talk to on a weekly basis or once a year I know I could call up either and they would be there for me in a heartbeat. With all the social media nowadays it’s pretty convenient to stay up with fellow letterwinners whether it be Facebook or just a quick text to say hi….

Who was your biggest inspiration as a college athlete?

As a college athlete my biggest inspirations have been my parents, Coach Lopez, and Lisa (Napoleon) Salgado. My parents are an inspiration because they raised me in a way which never sugarcoated life.  It prepared me for everything I experienced in college.  Coach Lopez was a crucial part of my life because he really turned into my dad away from home and pushed me to be just as good if not better in life as in baseball. Lisa because coming from high school I like every other freshman become overwhelmed many times throughout college.  Whether she was cracking the whip on me as my academic advisor, or listening to me vent, she was always looking out for me. Lastly, my father has been my inspiration in my young professional career…. with out a doubt.  We have always had mutual desires in the real estate world, so I can always bounce ideas off him.  In my business world Darwin Wall has taken me in like a brother and has helped me learn the business from the ground up.

What piece of advice would you give your fellow letterwinners?

Looking back on the outside elements we faced in college whether it be athletics or business; you can't control much of anything but you can control how you go about your business. So show up every day eager to learn and keep an open mind. You never know who your going to meet that could change your life!