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Wildcat Family Stays Close Across Borders
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 16, 2013
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Wildcat Family Stays Close Across Borders

By Charlie Newton,

There are over 2,000 international students at the University of Arizona. Spending the majority of a year in school and returning to a native country can be a bit of a challenge.

The Arizona women’s tennis team is no exception. Nearly half of the women on the nine person roster are from a different country. After adjusting to life at Arizona, four Wildcats travel home to their families across the pond.

Seniors Kim Stubbe and Susan McRann, junior Laura Oldham, and sophomore Inge Hendrikx all share a team-bond, but when summer rolls around each year, they get to return home.

In an interview, returning Arizona Wildcat women’s tennis players gave some insight into the life of an international students’ summer.

Senior Kim Stubbe

Q: How was your summer?

A: “It was really good. I really enjoyed being back home. Getting to see my family and friends was really nice.”

Q: What did you do to stay in shape?

A: “I worked out when I could. I went on runs with my mom through the forest. I also got into cycling with my dad. That was something that was a lot of fun for me.”

Q: Did you travel to any places over the summer?

A: “Yeah I went all over Europe. I went to Rome and a few other places. That was a lot of fun to get to see places like that.”

Q: Did you keep in contact with your teammates over the break?

A: “Yeah especially with all of the social media now, it was easy to talk to them and catch up.”

Senior Susan Mc Rann

Q: What was your summer like?

A: “It was really good. It’s always really nice to go back home for 3 months and see the family and friends.”

Q: Did you enjoy being back home?

A: “Yeah, I appreciate it more so after being here. It’s so different, here it’s the desert and back home there’s a lot more rain and greener. I actually notice these big differences.”

Q: What did you do when you weren’t working out or playing tennis?

A: “This summer I had an internship with an accounting department for 6 weeks. It was pretty hectic. It was a 9 to 5 job. That was a large part of my summer. I also visited my sisters in London. I was able to go there for a few weekends and see some shows and spend some time with them.

Q: Did you have any goals for this summer?

A: “I really just wanted to go home and play tennis and when I played with some of the younger kids I wanted to focus on teaching them a little more. I wanted to show them what the States has brought to me, as far as skills, and see if they were interested.”

Junior Laura Oldham

Q: How often did you work out and did you do anything in particular to stay in shape over the break?

A: “I went to the gym a lot. I really go into spin class and spinning. I played a little tennis when I could, but I just worked out as much as I could.”

Q: Did you play tennis with any of your friends?

A: “Oh yeah, it was nice playing different people. I went down to my club and brought my friends and played with them. The last six weeks especially, we tried to organize an hour or two a day or a few during the week to play. I had a job as well so I tried to work around that to play.”

Q: What did you do in your spare time?

A: “I wanted to see my parents and my grandparents a lot because I don’t get to see them that much. I went to Paris for a week and then went to Wimbledon and watched some matches on center court.”

Sophomore Inge Hendrikx

Q: What did you do with your time at home this summer?

A: “I played tournaments. I also spent time with my friends and family. We went on vacation to Italy for two weeks as well. We went to a big lake, with my boyfriend and his family. They have a boat so we just traveled around and spent time there. “

Q: How was it being around your parents again after your first year in college?

A: “It was fun. I was a change, but it was fun.”

Q: What were you looking forward to the most about coming back to the states?

A: “Just having another season. Having a fresh start. The whole routine is something that I didn’t have, so that was something I was looking forward to.”

Q: Did you talk to your teammates over the break?

A: “Yeah I did, mostly with the European teammates because of the time change, but yeah we all talked to each other.”

The Wildcats will resume fall action when they travel to the ITA Regional Tournament in San Diego, California beginning Thursday, Oct 17th and continuing through Sunday, Oct 20th.

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