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Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
Q&A With Shaquille Richardson
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 02, 2013
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Q: How do you feel as camp is finishing and game day is coming up?

A: I’m feeling good, we’ve been preparing all month and I’m just ready to play somebody new.


Q: Is it any different this year with you being a senior?

A: It’s a lot different being my last year. There’s pressure to preform but I’m prepared so I’m ready for it.


Q: What kind of role are you looking to take on this year?

A: A major one; leadership, production and everything, really. If the younger players have questions, I’ll be there to answer them and help them with the experience that I have since I was a freshman.


Q: What did you improve on the most in the offseason?

A: My confidence, coverage skills and tackling.


Q: How has camp this season differed from last season in Coach Rodriguez’s second year?

A: We’re a lot more familiar with everything that is going on defensively. I feel more comfortable in the defense and we have our starting 11 back, so everybody’s chemistry is there.


Q: How far have you come in your opinion since your freshman year?

A: Very far. I have come a long way. I’ve gained a lot of experience over the last three years; that has played a major part in my game.


Q: How much better is the secondary this year with everybody being back?

A: We’re a lot better. Everybody is stronger and more confident. The safeties are back, the corners are bac, and (Jared) Tevis is back.


Q: What are your thoughts on the defense as a whole?

A: The defensive line is stronger, the linebacker core is stronger and we have been working as a cohesive unit.


Q: Does the quarterback competition give you guys more motivation to get better, and also to make sure the best guy is running the offense?

A: The defense is going to take on a lot of pressure. We plan on stepping up. We try to give the quarterbacks a good look in practice so the games will be easier. We try to not take it easy on them.


Q: What do you think about the new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility?

A: It’s really nice; I love the new facilities.


Q: What does it do for the program in your opinion?

A: It heightens it recruiting-wise. It makes the players feel like they are part of a big time program and gives them more responsibility to win.


Q: What are some of your personal goals?

A: I want to have a great season and win the Rose Bowl.

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