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Coach Lute Olson Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 18, 2000
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"They have five guys that are basically perimeter players, and they run all over the place. That creates a problem because it forces the post players to have to step out to defend them. They shoot a lot of threes, and they take the ball to the basket well. That challenges the defense because it spreads out our guys, especially the guys who are accustomed to playing inside. They have some guys who can really stroke the three.

"They spread you out, and from looking at the tapes, they shoot it from anywhere at any time. Particularly, (Lamont) Roland (shoots from anywhere). You had better be a full-time defender on him because he will shoot that thing from six-feet outside the arc and shoot it well. (Brian) Beshara is a very good, a better 3-point shooter than I think he has shown to this point, and then you have (Torris) Bright. You have at least three guys there that you better be on them when they catch (the ball).

"With us, we have three more games before we start league play. Being 5-3 is not a shock to me. Maybe not three when you consider where we lost them, but the fact that we have lost three isn't surprising. The purpose of (games in) November and December is to challenge ourselves enough that we can make progress. We will find out if the challenge in eight games has paid off in the next three games.

"I am very concerned with the play of the inside guys, other than Michael (Wright). If you take Michael Wright out of the mix, then we have a total of six rebounds out of the last 93 minutes from the other three inside players. What concerns me is the ineffectiveness of us beyond Michael's play in there. That has to be corrected, and the next three games are what we are going to use to correct that. We have been totally ineffective on the offensive boards.

"The second thing that is concerning is the inconsistency in the play of the wings, rebounding and defensively. It doesn't make sense to score on one end and then let them score on the other end, but that is what is happening. In the next three games, we will get to the bottom of that. Everyone who knows this program know that the game starts at the defensive end of the court.

"One thing that is consistent is the play that you are going to get from Michael Wright. That is not shocking because the guy plays his tail off every second. That is something that as a staff we need to recognize and demand. If players want to be a good team, then they can't be part-time guys. Right now, we probably have more part-time defenders since I've been here. That falls on me, and it falls on the assistants. As a staff, we need to find the buttons that turn people on.

"We need to get a stronger effort on the defensive boards from Eugene (Edgerson). For every offensive board, you should have 1-1/2 to 2 defensive boards. Gene has 19 offensive boards and 16 defensive, so that has to be his area that he needs to concentrate on. Look at the defensive rebounds and the total number of minutes played, and you see that we are not very good in other spots."

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