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Coach Dick Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 15, 2000
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OCTOBER 15, 2000


On the win over Washington State:
"We showed a lot of resiliency, and we developed the belief that we could come from behind and get things done. We had some key plays that really made the difference in the game. It was an intense game on both sides of the ball. I am really proud of the guys and the way they hung in there. If you're a good team, you have to win games like that."

On running back Leo Mills:
"Leo received a game ball. His performance was tremendous, and he stepped up when we needed him. He did a marvelous job, and he played possessed. It was obvious that he was making things happen for us, and he just had a lot of confidence."

On wide receiver Malosi Leonard:
"Malosi got a game ball because of his catch and throw (in overtime). His catch (on the third play of the third overtime possession) was fabulous. He was stretched out completely, and that was as good a catch as we've had all year. Malosi's throw (on the first play in overtime) to O.J. (Ortege Jenkins) was incredible, but it came out as a run because it was a lateral. He just made a great throw."

On cornerback Michael Jolivette:
"He did a lot of good things for us. He created a fumble, and that was just a tremendous play. He was not going to be satisfied with a sack. He accelerated and went after the ball. That's what we coach, and that's what he did. His interception (in the fourth quarter) was a terrific play, and he continues to get better and better."

On quarterback Ortege Jenkins:
"O.J. has played really well, and he has been gut tough. All the things about him that I wondered have been answered in the affirmative. If he is getting blasted, is he going to get up with a positive demeanor, get back in the huddle and try to make another play. The answer is yes. If things are falling apart, and he throws an interception for a touchdown, is he going to jump back in there and make the play. The answer is yes. Is he going to be the clear-eyed, positive leader down the stretch with a young offensive line that is struggling and trying to gain confidence. The answer is yes."

On Arizona's defense:
"We need to play more disciplined on defense. We had a lot of assignment mistakes, and we allowed them to run late in the fourth quarter when they hadn't been able to run before. With the defense, it was the story of eight plays that made 300 yards. We just allowed too many big things to happen. The guys played aggressively, and they gave great effort, but there were times when players were in the wrong places. But, after we point that out to them, I am sure they will redouble their efforts to be right."

On this week's game at Oregon:
"Oregon is a terrific team all the way around. No one in the conference has been able to score more than 17 points against their defense. Their ability to run and throw always makes a team more of a threat. We have to take away their running game because (Maurice) Morris is devastating once he gets going."

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