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Coach Lute Olson's Quotes Following Midnight Madness
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 14, 2000
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Opening statements:

I think it was great that we had the kind of turnout that we did, which was what we were hoping for. We wanted to get a lot of people in who were looking forward to the start of the season. It looked like they were well entertained.

The guys were looking forward to this. It was fun for them. They could come out and be relaxed and clown around a little bit. That's we wanted it to be, a fun start to the season. But tomorrow we go with a regular practice session. Now we get down to work.

Lamont (Frazier) looked quick and effective. I thought that the two freshman recruits did a good job. Travis (Hanour) was a little quicker out there that I anticipated he'd be. It will be an interesting battle at the guard spots. Obviously, Jason Gardner's range is even better than last year. I think it was good for Loren to get out there for everyone to see that there is no problem with that back at all.

On Richard Jefferson:

It looks like he's jumping even better than he was before.

On the start of practice:

I think the kids are anxious to get started. I think the staff and I are very anxious to get going. We can see guys in the individual workouts and see the improvements that have been made in individual skills. But we're very anxious to get out there and get started with basic stuff and start getting some organization in what we are doing. I'm anxious to see how some of the younger guys they are going to shoot the ball from the perimeter, which was obviously a weakness for us last year. From what I've been hearing, Gilbert (Arenas) has been shooting the ball very well and Lamont has been doing a good job of getting into the lane with his penetration and finding the open people. He's obviously quick and pretty clever with some of the things he did (tonight). It just changes so much once the defense gets organized and guys can't go flying through the middle without running over people.

This team should be a really outstanding defensive team because we have good quickness and athleticism, plus a shot blocker.

On Michael Wright:

The guys have been talking about how much quicker Michael looks and I thought that was obvious tonight. He's much quicker and more agile, and yet he's at 245 pounds, but he's a very strong 245. He looks great in terms of his conditioning.

On the preseason rankings/hype:

The hype is going to be there, so why guard against it? This group has a lot of potential. They recognize that and I think that's going to help us because they are that focused on what they want to accomplish. Preseason rankings are great for the fans and they are great for a program like ours because you get your name out in from of a lot of people, including a lot of recruits. But they aren't going to prove anything down the line. All that does is put targets on certain people's chests. We'll have one on ours and Duke will have one on theirs. But that's fine. It has more to do with getting the fans excited for the start of the season.

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