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Coach Dick Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 21, 2000
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University of Arizona head coach Dick Tomey
Press Conference - 11/21/00 - Pre-Arizona State

"(Our players) have put their hearts and souls into the season. For the senior class, this is their last game, and the one that they will remember the most for the rest of their lives. They have contributed a whole lot by helping to restore the sense of pride and tenacity in the program. They have brought back a gut-tough attitude to Arizona football, and I have been very proud of their performances through the first nine games out of 10. We can't be proud of the Oregon State game, but clearly I think they (Oregon State) are the best team in the conference.

On playing against Arizona State head coach Bruce Snyder:
"We have competed against each other for 14 years. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bruce. I said yesterday that if they had won one more game this year, I would have voted for him for Pac-10 Coach of the Year because they have done a great job in a tough situation. I have a lot of respect for him as a competitor.

"I think their (Arizona State) players have a very high character. I know Todd Heap, we tried like everything to get him to come here, and he sat in my living room. He is a great person. Everything that I have read about Adam Archuleta suggests that he is of the same kind of character, cut from the same cloth. Those guys are going to get that team ready for the game. This game means a lot to our guys, too. Just to get a win is the most precious thing...for our seniors, for their seniors.

On Arizona State linebacker Adam Archuleta:
"I think that he is the best defensive player in the league. In my mind, it is not even close. He is an extraordinary young man. I don't care what the NFL says, he is going to play. They are going to find a place for him someday because he is just someone you just don't cut. From what I have watched of him playing, I have incredible respect for him.

On Arizona State quarterback Jeff Krohn:
"I think Bruce Snyder summed it up about him (Krohn). He has been strong at times, and at times he has been absolutely terrific. He looks like he just keeps getting better and better. Had he been able to play the whole season, I think his progress would be even more. He also has two of the best offensive linemen in the conference, who I think should be on the all-conference team, (Scott) Peters and (Victor) Leyva. He (Krohn) has done a great job.

On Arizona quarterback Ortege Jenkins:
"I have been real proud of O.J. He has a lot of character. My wife wrote a letter to him last week, saying, Wouldn't it be nice if life was a flip into the endzone with the adulation of the fans.' She said she was so proud of him, and I am very proud of him. I think that he has handled the adversity beautifully.

"I think this (Arizona-Arizona State) series is very intense, as intense of a series as I have been involved with. I don't know if I would say that it is any better than some of the other ones around the country, but it's close. It is highly competitive game. On game day, it is different than any other game to play in. I tis an awesome feeling for these young men to be a part of this game. Some of them who have not played in it before don't understand, and I just tell them Just wait, and you'll see. You'll see.'"

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