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Quotes From Men's Basketball Associate Head Coach Jim Rosborough
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 02, 2001
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"From my standpoint, the staff and players would like to thank you for your treatment of the situation. It is interesting in reflection on Saturday (versus Mississippi State), I have seen a 2-3 zone, I have seen a half-court trap, I have seen a lot of offensive sets, but I have never experienced something like that. How do you react? That is what made it difficult Saturday.

"When (Coach Olson) met with the team on Saturday, he was very concerned for them, and when I spoke with them (the players) yesterday morning, they were very concerned for him.

"Yesterday was like Saturday, it was tough. Some of these guys have been with Coach and Bobbi for five years John Ash, Gene (Edgerson) and Justin (Wessel). They have been with the Olsons for a long time. A lot of the guys who have been here for three years have been close with them, close with Bobbi.

On preparing for California and Stanford this weekend:
"I don't think that I have anything that is a major secret. I have sought out some professional help here from some people on campus that I have known and trusted about how to deal with this. I haven't been through this a thousand times, but I think without being crass about it, you have to find a way to separate it. We will grieve when it is time to grieve, and on the other hand, we have to get out of here tough as it may be and try to take care of the other side of things.

On any consideration to postponing Thursday's game:
"I haven't (given it consideration). I think that would come from a level higher than I am. I think that in athletics and in other things, there are times that people aren't sensitive to things in life that are really important. I think you look where you all were the day of the Kennedy assassination, everything just stopped. I think that weekend, some football games were canceled, and some were played. I haven't heard at all that was a consideration. I think that would come from (UA athletic director) Jim Livengood and the conference office.

"We have a job to do. With these kids, we have all been through a lot. If I know the Olson family, and how tough they have been over the years. Everyone including Bobbi, including Lute and the kids, they would want us to get out and represent them well. That is something that we have to keep in mind. I think Lute has been with us as much as he has been with us this fall at Bobbi's insistence, not because he necessarily wanted to be at all. I think the kids have said that the rest of this year is dedicated to her, and we want to conduct ourselves in a proper fashion there. She has been very close to these kids, and we need to conduct ourselves in a fashion that we are honoring a wonderful lady.

"I am like probably a lot of you, I have lost both of my parents. I lost my best friend, who was in Moline, (Illinois), and spent from 1954 to about three years ago paralyzed from the neck down. Those are three very important people in my life who I have had to deal with their deaths. I am probably like a lot of you with losing loved ones, but I have never been through anything like this where a group dynamic was involved. You have players, managers, secretaries and assistant coaches that are involved with the emotions of this.

On whether Coach Olson will return this season:
"I will give you my opinion on that, I think we will (see him return this year). Lute is a basketball coach, and I think it is the same thing we are talking about for the kids. I think Bobbi Olson would insist, that is my view, that he would come back. I think his family, and please understand that this is only my view, would insist. He has a good group of support people there. We as a staff have been doing and would be doing anything to support him. He has great secretaries, great managers, great people in this department, so there is a massive support group here to help in the situation here, too. We would all welcome him back. He is a family man first, and then a basketball coach, and he has done both in an excellent fashion.

"There are things that are a whole lot more important in the scheme of life, but we all have learned if we have been through something like this, we have to press on, as difficult as it may be. We do, as difficult as it is, have to carry on here.

"Please don't misinterpret, but I think there just isn't a choice in it. I don't know the timetable (for grieving), but I feel I know what my timetable is, and that will be one of the first things we address (in a team meeting). I don't know how this applies in a situation like this because none of us have ever been through it. Over the years with Coach, one of the best things you can do after a tough loss or something else is to get back on the court. That may have a cleansing effect for everybody. That is one thing I can tell you, but I don't know if it is the right button to push.

"(Mrs. Olson) has just been there. You read these things with regards to the grandkids and her own kids, and it is kind of limitless in terms of people she has touched in our family here and at Iowa. She has been unbelievable in terms of what she has given. She has been a tremendous support for Lute and for all of us who have been with her, and for her own family. Whoever reported it in the paper today, I am sure she was more concerned with them than she was for herself. She has been there for everybody fo years."

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