Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Arizona Women's Basketball Media Day
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 14, 1999
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"We are very excited as I'm sure everyone else in the country. Our aspirations are a little bit different than a year ago. We had a lot of new faces, very few returnees and a couple of key injuries. We struggled early and got a lot better, and we did fairly well, finishing in the NCAA second round."

"This year we are one of a handful of schools that is basically returning every player. There are a number of programs returning the core of their team."

"We have added some new faces and a couple redshirts who can really add a lot to the program. Our expectations are much loftier than they were a year ago."

"Our schedule this year, as always, is very competitive. Every single game we are going to face good teams and the kind of teams you really have to be prepared for. We have to try to do it one game at a time, and we have to respect every opponent."

"I think the one thing that is going to be very different about this team is that we probably have the deepest team I've ever coached, and we only have three players who do not have college experience. But, I believe you only have a good bench if you use it, and I definitely plan on using it more than in the past."

"We have great talent, good depth and good size, but the key for our team is to be a much better half court defensive team and a better rebounding team."

"Last year we were not a good road team, and in order for us to be a good team this year, we have to be a good road team."

"Right now we have good communication and good chemistry, but to be a successful team, you have to have great communication and great chemistry. And, those are things you work on and develop and get better as the season progresses."

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