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Olson Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 26, 2001
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    "I don't think that we played particularly well Wednesday (against Arizona State), but I think that a lot had gone into the UCLA and USC games the week before. Things are beginning to come together well for us. Defensively, we are playing well, and offensively, we are moving the ball a little better and taking care of the ball. They are using a better shot selection, which shows in our field goal percentages going up.

    "Looking at the Texas teams, they are a lot different than a year ago. Then, everything went through (Chris) Mihm, and now they are more balanced. In a lot of ways, they play a lot how ASU plays. They drive the basket, and they really hit the offensive boards well. That is something that we have not done a great job of and that we are going to need to sure up.

    "This has been a good series. It is not a long ways away, but we always like to have a recruiting presence in Texas. We don't have anyone on our team now from Texas, but we feel that there are a lot of good players in Texas.

    "Playing (a non-conference game) in the first round of the league games is a good thing, I think. Playing an inter-sectional game like this lets you get a good feel for how people in other areas are playing. In a situation like this, when we do have a travel partner (ASU), it is good. We would not play the game if not for the television exposure.

    "We are playing a lot better now. I think there has always been a mission with this team, in terms of their goals. They say that what doesn't break you makes you stronger. The challenges that we have faced have made us stronger. When things like that happen, they tend to pull you closer within your circle. I think that we are looking a little more inward than outward.

    "This (team) has never been a one-man operation, although sometimes it may seem like it has been. Jim (Rosborough) has been with me 19 or 20 years, and I think he knows what I am going to do before I do it. In our practice situations, it is not one person who runs things. We get together as a staff, and I am the one who plans the times and amount of things that we are going to do in practice, but everyone on the staff is involved on the court. That way, it was not much of a change for them to hear his voice."

    On the passing of Hall of Fame coach Al McGuire:
    "I knew that things looked bleak. Originally, I heard that he was probably not going to make it to Thanksgiving. I have known Al for a long time, he is a unique guy, a great guy. He was a very kind person who was great for the game of basketball with his off-the-wall personality. He was a very genuine person. I am very sorry (that he died), but it was certainly not unexpected. He's in a better place because I know he was going through a lot of pain and suffering."

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