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Lute Olson Weekly Press Conference
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 04, 2000
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On Connecticut
"They are back at full strength and I think that the fact they kept this game on campus instead of at the Hartford Civic Center is an indication of how important they think this game is going to be. From our standpoint, I can't imagine a better preparation for our team for some of the hostile crowds we will face in the conference.

"I think we saw some progress in terms of pressure on the ball, pressure on the passes and fronting the post. We need to do a better job on fast breaks. Saturday's game was difficult to get any kind of read because of the physical mismatch. Any time a team continues to move the ball offesnively in such a lopsided game and stay mentally into it I am pleased.

On the return of senior center Loren Woods:
"Loren's anxious as are his teammates to get him back. He practiced very well last week. He's continued to work hard in the weight room and his conditioning is good. I don't think that will be a problem.

On getting everybody back:
"It will be fun to see the whole team out there. Everyone else is healthy now.

"This is a close knit group and they hated to take a trip to Hawai'i and Loren can't be there not just because what he does on the floor but as a part of this family.

"I thought that Richard's (Jefferson) statement that if this is college, why would anybody want to stay? I think the NCAA better hear that one loudly and clearly. They can intimidate coaches and schools. Once players say enough is enough then they have a real problem. I don't see that too far away.

"I've been at the high school level 13 years, four at a junior college level. I've been recruiting in Harlem, the projects in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I just wonder how many of the members on the appeal board have. If they haven't then something is wrong.

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