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Chat Transcript With Forward Michael Wright (1/31)
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 31, 2000
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Thanks for all the questions. It's time for practice so I have to go.
Aaron Eastin asks What impact, if any, will the loss at LSU have on this team down the stretch?
We just have to learn that every game counts. I think we were a little tired going into that game and we had to play an early game so our schedules we a little off.
Toby Stone U A Alumn asks What was it like playing for the United States during the summer?
It was a good experience just to play all the national teams. It was good to visit Portugal and see the scenery, check out the social scene and eat the food.
Alex Rosalez asks ASU seemed really confident going into the game with you guys. Did you and the team take it personal?
It was a big rivalry and we were coming off a loss to USC so we had a lot of stuff bottled up inside. We just wanted to play well and win.
Barbara Wright asks I was wondering how you keep your upbeat demeanor even when you find it hard to score?
It gets frustrating sometimes when you are double-teamed. I knew that the double teams would happen but it's nothing I can control. I just get in there and do my best.
Mike Noble asks Who is the toughest player you've matched up against so far this year, and how have you adjusted during the game?
They've all been about the same in college. But playing Kevin Garnett in high school practice was always a tough challenge. He's probably the best player all-time I've ever competed against. I knew when I came to practice I was in for a battle.
Karl Meiner asks Hey Michael, I love your game. How has the lack of depth affected your personal, and team approach to the season?
It affected the team but we've got to come together and we have to do more than what we've been doing.
Marie asks How would you compare team chemistry this year with that of last year? How important do you think chemistry has been with this year's success so far?
We have a well balanced scoring attack this year. Last year we didn't have as much balance with Jason Terry and A.J. Bramlett. But this year we can score so many ways.
Gary asks What area(s) of your game do you think needs the most improvement and why?
Working with my right hand and I need to be more consistent on my jump shots.
Christian Gray asks Two quick questions: 1) regarding UA out of state recruiting, what brought you to UA & what more could we do to continue bringing more blue-chip outside talent in? 2) compared to other arenas (Stanford, UCLA) how do our college fans compare and what could they do better to be a better "6th man"?
1) It was a different environment from Chicago and I liked Arizona basketball. Coach Olson is a great teacher. It was something different for me and that's what I wanted. 2) More support is always better.
Sharon Douglas asks Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?
I Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. I think we both have similar games. We both are big, 6-8 size and we get the job done. He's not fancy, but he get's the job done.
Sam Askew asks What was the deal with the old-school shoes the last couple of games?
I wear various shoes dating back to the late 80s and early 90s. The 1985 shoes are called Air Force One Classics. I used to wear them on the playground when I was little. I just wanted to bring back memories. I wore the Air Force One's as a freshman in high school and the Air Up-Tempo as a sophomore in high school. The Air Force One's I used to wear in grade school.
Brian Howell asks What do you think about the PAC-10 race and how it is shaping up so far?
It's still a battle. It seems like the second half will dictate how it comes out. I think we have a good shot.
Peter Foster asks What was it like to play with Kevin Garnett in high school?
It was a real good experience to play with him because he was so phenomenal. He was just like Jordan in High School. He ruled High School basketball in Chicago. It was unbelievable the things he could do. He's a very down to earth person and a good vocal leader.
Greg Ostapuk asks It is obvious teams are now double and triple teaming you on the box, what are your's and coach Olson's ideas to isolate you more so you don't have to fight triple teams all the time?
The way to fight that is to find openings and make quicker moves. You have to do things other than scoring. You have to get rebounds, play defense and do anything to help your teams. To be double and tripled teams is a sign of respect because they know the damage you can create.
Basil Mike asks What did you learn about the team and yourself after the New Mexico game?
We learned that you just can't come to a game unprepared. You have to be ready for every game. Every game counts. We had a lack of motivation overall.
lee pitts asks Michael so what do you do on your spare times? And what do you during the summer break?
I try to relax in my spare time because at school we don't have much spare time. In the summer you like going to Chicago (Hometown) and enjoy being with my friends. I play in Chicago Pro-Am. It's a league where some professional players come back to play.
Yoni Cohen asks How far do you think Arizona will go in the NCAA tourney? Do you think Richard Jefferson's injury will hurt the 'cats in Pac-10 play?
I know that we miss Richard a lot. He's a big part of our offense and defense. Me just have to maintain and bond together. I think we can be a national championships contender. I think we can go far and possibly win it.
bryan rosenbaum asks Are you going to enter into the NBA draft, and if so- would you ever consider playing for the Clippers?
If I was to enter, I would be delighted to play for the Clippers. That would be one of my dreams come true.
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