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Coach Dick Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 05, 2000
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University of Arizona Football
Press Conference Quotes
November 5, 2000

Arizona Head Coach Dick Tomey

On the loss at Washington:
"We just had a lot of great opportunities to win. My biggest frustration is that we had kicks blocked, and we punted miserably. That is not the thing you want to happen when you're on the road. Everyone had some problems, but the players battled like the dickens to try to get a win. It was just a lot of things combined, and you can't simplify it (the loss) because it's a team game. We had a lot of plays and a lot of guys fighting their guts out, but the cumulative result wasn't what we wanted."

"We didn't win the fourth quarter. We just needed to make another play, whether it was on offense, defense or special teams. We needed something good to happen. We did a lot of good things on the final drive, and we had some key throws, especially Malosi's (Leonard) catch, that really gave us the chance to kick the field goal. But, our inability to mix things successfully hurt us because we couldn't get the running and passing games going simultaneously."

"These guys just hurt so bad, especially after fighting their guts out in games like that on the road. When you have a chance to win, and it gets away from you, that really hurts. I am very optimistic about this team. They are out there fighting every day. We will have our day. I'm not sure when, but hopefully it will be this week."

On Sean Keel's game-ending field goal:
"He has made those in practice, and as long as it is within his range, you have to try to kick it. It might have been a little low, but it was a well-kicked ball. Their guy just got a surge against us and got a hand on it."

On running back Leo Mills:
"Leo did a great job. He had an astounding day with 280 all-purpose. We have a lot of confidence in Leo, and the more he plays, the better he does."

On this week's opponent Oregon State:
"Oregon State may be the best team we will face all season. If you look at their numbers on offense and defense, they are way up there (in the conference standings) in everything. They are playing very well, and they have a lot of confidence. They are an outstanding team, and we have to stop their running game."

"We just need a win for ourselves and not for any other reason. If in the end we get to go to a bowl game, great, but that's not the principal thing. The principal thing is to be happy in the locker room after the game and for us to get to sing Bear Down Arizona'."

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