Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Coach Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 08, 2000
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On the win over Southern California:
"Well, I thought it was just a terrific effort by the whole team. I think that if there was one play that is symbolic for the whole game was that we blocked a point-after-attempt with 20 seconds left in the game. That really captures the spirit and pride that the players have."

"I thought Lance Briggs' play (on the last fumble Arizona caused) was unbelievable because he kept the ball from going out of bounds. Then, we had nine guys who converged on the ball. We just had a lot of terrific plays yesterday. We did a lot of good things in all phases, but we still have a lot that we need to do better this week."

On Arizona's emergence in the rankings:
"I think we are going to be ranked if we keep playing like we have been playing and if we do our job every week. But, the rankings have little to do with preparing for our next challenge. The (No. 22) ranking shows that we have gotten some respect and some recognition, but now we have to play with even more urgency than we did when we had no respect or recognition."

On the defense and special teams:
"We have tried really hard to be strong against the run, and the defense has been a key element for us every week. Our kicking game has been such a plus all season, as well. We just have to keep getting better in all phases because we know that we are going to face greater challenges in the coming weeks."

On Cornerback Michael Jolivette:
"Jolivette has done a real nice job for us, and he has a nose for the ball. He is a good runner with the ball, and he has a lot of what it takes to make the play. We just have to keep coming up with the ball (on defense) and creating turnovers because that helps the entire team."

On the offensive line:
"The line has done a fabulous job, especially in the last two games. If you would have told me that we would be without (Bruce) Wiggins, (Steven) Grace and (Makoa) Freitas for a minute, I would have thought that would be difficult. But, Reggie (Sampay), (Darren) Safranek and Makai (Freitas) have filled the breach. We had six guys ready to play (against USC), so we were very thin. The line got it done, and they players did a great job. We sprung a leak at times, but I just can't give the line enough credit."

"(Assistant coach) Charlie Dickey has done an amazing job of helping these guys believe they can win, and O.J. (Ortege Jenkins) has done a masterful job of giving the new guys on the line confidence. So, to get two wins against teams that had strong defensive fronts is rewarding. Everyone on the offensive line has really stepped up and made tremendous contributions."

On the receivers:
"The receivers improved 100 percent on blocking against USC. We worked with them all last week to improve in that area because they really didn't block well against Stanford. Bobby Wade had a key block on (Clarence) Farmer's touchdown run."

The key to weekly preparation:
"The key for us is all about how much better we can get every week. The players have shown that they will try harder if they understand what they need to do to improve. We are going to face tough teams every week from here on out, and it is going to be a wild finish in our conference."

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