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Lute Olson Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 15, 2000
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Press Conference

On Marathon:
"They're playing like Coach Sargent's teams have played in the past-get the ball up and down the court in a hurry and a lot of penetration and dishes. They play one guy inside and four guys on the perimeter which will be good four us. We can take our four man out and defend against the shooters. They always come in with the best group they have and that will be what they have this Friday.

"I like the fact that we have had the time between exhibition games to work on things in practice. We will play it like we play a regular season game. We obviously will take a look at our top 10 guys in our rotation."

On recruiting class:
"One of the most difficult things to do in recruiting is when you have a lot of returners who may or may not be back next year. It's a tough sell to players that there is a possibility they may be backing up a player. I think our assistants did an outstanding job. We feel good about the class. It fits well together.

"Channing Frye in my opinion has an unbelievable upside. We have been so pleased with Channing. Once the July playing period was finished he really went to work. He's got great muscle development and the people he's worked out with have been very positive about the work ethic of this young man. I'll be shocked if he's not at least a top 40 guy. He has the kind of body that can support more weight as opposed to Loren Woods.

"We've been watching Isaiah Fox since he was a sophomore. His father played football here (83-84). He knows a lot about Arizona. He is a big Arizona fan. This is where he wants to be. We feel he is a quality player with a big body. He has a great work ethic and very dependable.

"Dennis Latimore is a player I compare a little bit with Richard Jefferson. He's a great athlete who is unbelievably quick with his jump. With his athleticism I feel he can play at either forward position. He's very much of a gym rat. He has worked on his shot a lot and has a nice stroke. He's an outstanding student who will enter with college credit.

"Salim Stoudamire is an outstanding shooter who is a slasher. What I was pleased with this summer is that he did a great job of getting the ball to the big guys while averaging five shots a game. That says a lot when you do this at a camp where you want to impress people. He did a great job of involving the low post players. Salim has wanted to come here ever since Damon was here."

On recruit Guard Will Bynum:
"Personality-wise, he's a lot like Michael Wright-big smile and very reserved. His is idea of a good day is spending 15 hours in the gym working on his game. He's the first kid we've ever had on a visit who wanted to be picked up early Saturday morning to shoot at the Rec. We've realized here that in order for a player's game to develop, he's going to have to be a gym rat.

"I feel Arizona basketball is in good shape.

"I don't any coach would say we are where we want to be. We have made the necessary preparations but we've had a lot of nagging injuries. We'll see if we're ready for the level of competition in Maui."

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