Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 03, 2001
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Arizona Women’s Basketball
February 3, 2001
Oregon State @ Arizona

Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini:

On 500 wins
"Today was very emotional for me, I had no idea that there was going to be a ceremony. I just wanted to win so badly. This is really a great win for our team."

On the game
"This team has been through so many challenges this year. For us to come back and beat a great Oregon team on Thursday night and then to beat a very good Oregon State team today makes me so very proud. Today is a great day to be a Wildcat."

"LaKeisha Taylor had a great game off of the bench with 20 points, it was just amazing. This was a really big win for our team and we are going to keep getting better."

On the remainder of the season
"We are going to keep doing the same thing with our players by challenging them everyday. Our defense was pretty good today, but we still need to rebound better. I am so very, very proud of our team."

Arizona Player Quotes

Center LeKeisha Taylor

"I tried today to help my team as best as I could. I wanted to be a threat, with offense and defense. They came out aggressive, but I felt they we also came out aggressive. I think with this win it will help us to be a better team."

On Coach Joan Bonvicini’s 500th win:
"We were all very excited for her. We wanted to produce a win for her. She was also very excited. I think she was able to get 500th win, because she is able to have players who will work on their defense and offense."

Forward Elizabeth Pickney:

"I was proud she was able to get her 500th win. Not that many coaches are able to get that many wins. We are all so proud of her."

Guard Aimee Grzyb:

"Whatever my teams needs me to do, that’s what I do. I continued to play even after I fell. I thought I buckled my knee when I fell. That happen to me in highschool and it just scared me."

On playing Washington next week:
"We beat Washington at the beginning of the season, and whenever you beat a team, they want to come back and beat you more. When we play them, they are going to give all that they’ve got. We’re just going to have to go into the game giving it all that we’ve got."

"I think our team has great chemistry. No one is selfish on this team. I also think that we are playing great defense. I love that this team runs the ball. In highschool my team never wanted to run the ball. It’s also good to know that the team is always there for you."

Guard Reshea Bristol:

"I am very happy that Coach got her win. She deserved it. I think she’s been so successful because of her tenacity and aggressiveness. She is a coach that wants to win."

"They gave us a run for our money. I congratulate Felicia Ragland, she put up good numbers. She played great basketball, but we just came in here and wanted it more."

Oregon State Head Coach Judy Spoelstra

On junior guard Felicia Ragland scoring 26 points in the second half
"Fe has had a lot of games where she just goes off like she did today. She makes the other nine players on the court look like they are just standing around. When Fe gets in a zone like that she’s just awesome."

On Oregon State
"This marks the end of the first half of conference play and we feel like so many times we’ve been so close at the end of the game like we were today."

"Our post players lapsed today and we can’t afford to do that. I think that if every player steps up 10-20 percent then we can be a much better team. We need to keep our heads up."

"We had two freshman post players on the court for a lot of the time today because our junior was on the bench in foul trouble. Then when she (Ericka Cook) was in the game she didn’t play as well as we had hoped. It was encouraging for us to see the way our freshman (Brina Chaney and Hollye Holbrook) did play today."

On Arizona
"Arizona’s post players did a tremendous job. (LaKeisha) Taylor has a way of pushing players back and it doesn’t surprise me that she went 9-for-10. She got the ball so close to the basket every time and then capitalized on that."

"(Elizabeth) Pickney is a great rebounder and an excellent post player. She has the potential to have a bright future in women’s basketball."

Oregon State Player Quote

Guard Felicia Ragland

"I feel that our effort in the second half was the best that we’ve had all year. In the second half I got into early foul trouble which took hurt me. I just knew that our team needed me to score, so that’s what I did. I tried my best, it just was a little short."
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