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University of Arizona Men's Basketball Press Conference
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 29, 2000
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Director of Athletics Jim Livengood
"Both (university attorney) Mike Proctor and (assistant athletics director for compliance) Bill Morgan were part of an investigating team involving the NCAA and Pac-10 (Pacific-10 Conference). Jason Terry, a former University of Arizona men's basketball player, said he received benefits after the end of his junior season. Therefore, he was ineligible after that season.

"He said he received $4,500 in cash, checks and wire transfers from New York sports agent Larry Fox. He also said he attended a fitness camp in southern Florida, and he was never billed for his airfare or camp fees. According to Terry, he also received approximately $7,000 from San Francisco agent Ndidi Opia. Terry said he provided Terry legal advice free of charge and helped arrange a catastrophic injury policy, which also constitutes a rules' violation.

"There is no information suggesting that any athletic department personnel knew about the violations until after they were brought to our attention in April 1999, after Terry's senior season.

"Both the Pac-10 and the NCAA accepted the university's self-sanctions, and the NCAA and the Pac-10 are both done with their investigations. Arizona will forfeit its only 1999 NCAA Tournament game, a 61-60 loss to Oklahoma, and return 45 percent of its NCAA TV share, which is $45,362.90. Jason Terry has agreed to reimburse the department for that money. Also, Terry will be ineligible for the UA Sports Hall of Fame and is also ineligible to have his jersey number retired."

Head Coach Lute Olson
"We are very disappointed about what Jason did. There is no question as to his feelings about what he's done, not only to himself, but as to the position that he put the basketball program in. To say he feels badly is an understatement.

"We will, and have always, followed the rules. That is one of the first things that we tell them (the players) when were are recruiting them in their homes. We tell them that we are going to be loyal to them and follow the rules, and we expect them to be loyal to us in return and do the same.

"There is no question that he knew he'd blown it. I told him of my disappointment about all of this, and he understood. We feel we have a good relationships with our players. We tell them that going to school here is not going to be easy because they are going to be living in a glass house. They have to be more than just the average student.

"I've said for a long time that they biggest problem facing college basketball is agents. They have runners (assistants) all over the place, and there is no way to keep track of all of them. You can't believe all of the problems out there with them. We will close practices from now on, and also because of gaming issues. When a player is hurt or not feeling well, it gets reported, and that becomes a gaming problem. We have to do everything that we can do.

"No one can assure that this is not going to happen. You can't be with the players 24 hours a day. That's why we are so selective of the people that we bring in here. We look for any changes in their lifestyles, their cars have to be registered with Bill Morgan. There was absolutely no change in his (Terry's) lifestyle."

Associate Head Coach Jim Rosborough
"My initial statement to the NCAA was the same as it is now, I don't think that anyone in the country works harder at this issue than we do. There might be some places that work as hard, but not harder. We are constantly working with our administration and our players to make sure they are not going to be caught in situations like this. Some of it gets very repetitive, but that is the kind of thing that you just have to do over and over."

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