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Arizona vs. OregonPost Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 03, 2001
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes

"It was a great day for us. We did an excellent job of hitting our shots, and we were much more aggressive with taking the ball to the hole. We were outstanding defensively, and we made it tough for Oregon to find any openings. We did a great job of anticipating their shots, and they had several turnovers as a result."

"The key for us was that we came out aggressive at all five positions right from the beginning. We didn't give them anything to look at, and every shot they took was contested. In order to be successful, you need everybody playing defense, and today we played great team defense. Overall, we did a better job with our turnovers, and but we just need to continue to get stronger every game."

"Michael Wright was really active, and defensively, this was his best job of the year and probably the best game he has ever played for us. He was out there challenging every pass and every shot, and he didn't allow his man to get any good looks."

"Jason (Gardner) did a fabulous job. He was just outstanding, not only with his shooting but with his assist work. His defense was outstanding, and he did a great job of providing help when everyone needed help. He created all kinds of problems with his quickness. He is always looking for the right opportunities, and he doesn't try to make something out of nothing."

"It was good that we had the chance to play everybody and give every guy a substantial amount of playing time. As for our seniors, John Ash is so happy to be a part of this team, and he has done a fabulous job of running the scout team. Gene (Edgerson) has been a crowd favorite because he always has played with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. Justin (Wessel) has been a great role player for us, and he knows his role and goes out there when we need him to get the job done. Loren (Woods) came out with a positive attitude, and he was aggressive right from the start. He did a great job of taking the ball right to the basket."

"We certainly will be tested in both games next week. I think Stanford has become a better balanced team as the season has progressed, and they have a good bench much like we do. The guys really were disappointed about not beating them here in McKale, and I expect us to come out full force in both games."

Arizona Player Quotes

Junior Richard Jefferson:
"It was more of a different focus by our team that made the difference in this game."

"One of the keys was our defense leading to offense. It was emotional because we lost to this team earlier and it was very emotional for our seniors."

"We are definitely a very different team than when we played Stanford (in January). They are definitely the number one team in the country. It's going to take a lot to go up there and beat them."

Junior Michael Wright:
"It was a little payback. We didn't play too well up there so this was a good way to pay them back. It's getting closer to tournament time, we've just got to put our heads together and we can win games."

"Loren (Woods) will be prepared, physically and mentally. I think he has always had confidence, he played really well tonight. The month of March is about getting prepared, mentally and physically, for the tournament."

Senior Eugene Edgerson:
"Right now, we are moving in the right direction. Not too many things can stop us when we are playing well offensively and defensively."

"You look forward to playing against a good team, especially the number one team. It will be a good game, but we are up for it. We're playing now like we should've been since day one."

"I know if I was too sad, I wouldn't play well. Standing there, it all came to a head even the bad things I've turned into positives."

"We owed them one, it's because of them we won't win the Pac-10 championship."

Senior Loren Woods:
"Hopefully, we can get a win (against Stanford), but we will still have to play Cal and they are a very good team."

"(Oregon forward Bryan) Bracey is an excellent player. Tonight, I was just trying to keep him from getting so many looks."

"I haven't played in the tournament since I was a freshman. I think it's going to be fun. Our offense is working fine, our defense is good. We're going to get some momentum going into the tournament."

"If you slow the Collins twins down, you can slow Stanford down."

"I'm going to miss playing with these guys. Nothing can take away the friends I've made with these guys."

On his last game in McKale:
"It's not really a big deal. We've got to play Stanford, then we've got to play in the tournament. I'm just thinking about this next week."

"The focus isn't on me, it's on this team. I think we've a good shot at going deep into the tournament. Everyone is playing well."

"The way we played up there (at Oregon), we shot ourselves in the foot. But we knew that they were coming down here. You've got to play two games (against every team in the Pac-10).

Oregon Quotes

Oregon Head Coach Ernie Kent

"The Arizona seniors took this game to another level tonight. They were emotional and ready to play their last game at home. They played with such intensity and brought everyone else on (Arizona) to their level. Everything they did was outstanding.

"Everything was going Arizona's way tonight. Everything was going in and the frustration of our team took a toll on us. It was a tough ball game in every category."

Oregon Player Quotes

Anthony Norwood
"Mentally we were in the game, but it really didn't show on the floor. We should have come out with more energy. We need to come out to every game and play hard."

"Arizona is a good team. We are also a good team. We proved that we could beat them, when we beat them at home. We just didn't come playing hard basketball."

Frederick Jones
"Arizona is a great team. They are definitely a national championship contender. We didn't come in here fighting to the end."

"We didn't play very hard. I didn't step up tonight. I put the loss on my shoulders. If you want to be a good player, you need to step up your game."

Luke Jackson
"Arizona came into the game with a lot of momentum. It was senior night, they were fired up. We weren't very focused so we played sloppy. They have great players, and we needed to be ready to play against them."

"We know that we can beat them. We beat them once at home. No one wants to come and lose by this much. We weren't executing, we weren't sticking to the game plan. We needed to be more efficient."

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