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Coach Dick Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 24, 2000
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"UCLA every year has one of the top ranking teams in the country in recruiting, and the amount of quality skill position players they have on the team reflects that. They probably have the most explosive players on offense that we have seen so far this year. No one has really shut them down offensively except for Oregon. Their defense plays really hard, and any team that is playing hard is very dangerous. It is probably going to be another typical Pac-10 game, close and down to the wire like every game was this weekend. Both teams desperately need a win, and both teams really want to win.

On UCLA quarterback Coery Paus: "Corey Paus was one of the top (high school) quarterbacks in the country. He has good escapability, not quite like (Washington State QB Jason) Gesser, but he's good. He is becoming an outstanding passer. His passing efficiency is 147-point-something, and he has a high completion percentage and twice as many touchdowns as interceptions.

"UCLA probably has the two best receivers on one team as we have played against this year. (Brian) Poli-Dixon just has such great size and a lot of skill. Freddie Mitchell gets you with his speed, and he can come out there and throw that option pass off the end-around. The combination of Paus and them is really scary.

"The addition of (Brad) Brennan has really helped (UA's wide receivers) in the middle of the field. He had four or five catches across the middle against Oregon. He is a reliable guy, and he is really going to help our receiving corps. There is no question that (the wide receivers) did not have a good week (against Oregon).

"Our philosophy is to try to find a lot of different players from different places to have a good football team. That means that we have to find them in different geographic area, walk-ons, etcetera. At Arizona, you don't have a (talent-laden) recruiting area that you own where other people are going to come into and fight you.

"I am going to push in the (NCAA Football) Rules Committee to get a rule in there so that the conferences can review plays like the NFL does. There are some plays that render a review and could result in action at the conference level. We need to have that power for the conference be it the Pac-10 or the ACC, whoever to take a look at some of the things.

On punter Chris Palic: "I think that we won the kicking game against (Oregon), and not a lot of teams have done that against them this year. Chris just really is doing a lot for us because of his punting, and he is also our holder. Sean Keel has been very good this year because he has had a consistent holder. Chris can run left or right (and kick the ball), or he can just kick it straight, or sky' punt, which makes him valuable to us.

On UCLA running back DeShaun Foster: "He is a big, fast guy. He can gain zero yards four, five, six (or) seven times, and then he'll break one for a long way. He's a little bit like Trung (Canidate, former UA running back) in that respect, but he's 210 pounds. He was just awesome against Alabama, but when you are out for a month, you are not going to be the same. He will be a lot better this week than he was last week, and there were times last week when he looked pretty darn good."

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