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Arizona Men’s Basketball Player Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 26, 2001
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Justin Wessel

"Hopefully we will have the same outcome (as 1997). Two Final Fours is unbelievable, and this is more special."

"Their roles are opposite. Miles (Simon) was the leader in the stats column, and (Mike) Bibby had a lot of talent. Jason (Gardner) is a calming influence on the court, but they are mentally similar."

Jason Gardner

"They (Michigan State) are similar to Illinois. They get offensive rebounds and they have (Charlie) Bell who has been there four years, so it will be a battle."

"We have had a lot of fun and we are real relaxed. On the bus, on the plane, we just stay focused and have fun."

"This is the reason why I came here, we have one of the best coaches in the nation and the best fans. This is what everybody expected."

"There are always ups and downs, but we just stay focused and keep positive."

"We have to stay focused. Comparing the offensive rebounding they (Michigan State) are better than Illinois, and we also need to make the extra pass."

On Duke vs. Maryland:
"They have met three times, including the ACC tournament where they won by two or three. It will be a real up-tempo game."

"Our win (vs. Illinois) gave us more respect and the Pac-10. It shows that we can go outside the conference and win against a very physical team."

Michael Wright

"Every time I took a shot, Sergio (McClain) was helping, and he also picked off two or three balls."

"I just have to work hard while I am out there even if I have to do something else."

"They (Michigan State) outrebound their opponents a lot, so that will be our focus."

"I love a challenge like this, playing a big team, with body contact. This is like Chicago ball, and I grew up watching the Big Ten."

"I will do whatever it takes to help the team win, like when I drew a travel for Marcus Griffin. Whatever I have to do, if I score 100 points and we lose then it doesn’t matter."

"Ole Miss had the best defense that I have played against in college basketball."

Loren Woods:

"He (Gene Edgerson) is a great player to have on your side. Without him, I don’t know where we would be."

"Last year (vs. Michigan State) it was a battle."

"They are a better rebounding team than last year. They feel they should win it all, but it is on a neutral court, and we will give it our best shot."

"At one point, I thought the season would never end. Now we are almost there, and this has been a great experience. March madness is fun, we are together, focused and relaxed. You can’t have more fun than at the Final Four."

"We want to win every game. Confidence is just a word, and it can be good or bad. We already have the preparations and talent, we want to win. I said to the guys last night at the airport that we have come too far to lose now. It has been great, really a lot of fun."

Gene Edgerson:

"It is different to get to the Final Four. We want to knock off another No. 1 seed and win."

"No one paid any attention to us in 1997 until we started to win."

"I’m a winner, I like to win. Coach (Olson) recruits competitors, and we are a team with great competitors who just want to win."

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