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By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 26, 2001
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And now, it's time to saddle up the dogies and do it freestyle as the Texas Longhorns take on your Arizona Wildcats.

Game updates:

Arizona starters. You guessed it, Gilbert Arenas and Jason Gardner at the guards, Michael Wright and Richard Jefferson at forward, and the man in the middle is the tower of power, Loren Woods.

Texas starters are Maurice Evans and Fredie williams at guard, James Thomas and Chris Owens at forward, and Darren Kelly at another guard.

Time for tipoff. Let's get ready to rumble with Thomas and Woods for the jump ball. Ball is out of bounds to Texas.

Evans starts out with a little Texas two-step for the travel and turnover.

At 19 minutes, Jefferson puts the baby in the cradle for the first score of the game.

Williams gets knocked out of the saddle as Wright wrongs him on the drive. Williams goes to the line for two Texas shots. Nice shot buddy on the first (miss), and clangs the second. Cats still up 2-0.

At 18 minutes, Thomas tosses in a biscuit over the rim for Texas to tie the game.

Kelly with a little Texas swing out of bounds for the turnover.

Owens squeezes one through the keyhole on the drive to give Texas the 4-2 lead.

Evans misses the easy layup and Kelly commits the foul for Texas.

At 16 minutes, Woods is waiting in the treetops for the putback on the Wright miss to tie the game at 4.

Arenas gets three of a kind for a full house as he steps outside for some fresh air. Cats up 7-4 and the crowd is rockin'.

We're at 15:15 in the first half and the Cats are looking a little sluggish so far. Let's see if Gilbert's three lights a fire in the McKale faithful.

At 14 minutes, Kelly hits the strings of silence from 15 feet on the right side to make it 7-6 Arizona.

Jason Gardner has a moon shot from press row on the left baseline for three points. Cats up 10-6.

Woods busts a move down the right baseline for the MCKALE MASH. Cats up 12-6 with 12 minutes in the first.

Walton does the old man proud with a great lob to Woods who gets the foul. The big man goes to the line for two - and makes them both (swish). Timeout at 11:47 with the Cats leading 14-6.

At 10:35, Walton knocks the roof off the place with an ALLEY OOP lob jam to Arenas who throws it down for the Cats. Arizona leads 17-6. The horns need a 30 TO.

Edgerson hooks a horn for the foul, Arizona's second of the game.

Jefferson has mad hops in the lane and gets inside the cylinder for offensive basket interference.

Texas tosses Walton into the trash compactor for the foul on the rebound. Longhorns have 6 team fouls.

Walton tosses some chewed gum in the trash on the leaning J from 10 ft in the lane. Arizona leads 19-6.

Jefferson leaves a trail of smoke on the drive through a herd of cattle for the layin and some change with the foul. He converts the three-point play and Arizona leads 21-6 with 7 minutes.

Owens ends a Texas drought by filling in the tree stump for two. Arizona leads 21-8.

Arenas gets his hand caught in the cookie jar for the foul on Kelly. Kelly is shooting two, but the McKale crowd thinks it's a gift from the zebras. He misses the first, and makes the second. Arizona leads 21-9.

At 6 minutes, Boddicker for Texas does the soap bar in the shower shuffle for the travel turnover.

This is like bumper cars at the carnival: Bodies flying everywhere, Walton hurdling Longhorns laying on the ground. Boddicker finally gets a foul for Texas. Wright makes both shots. Arizona is up 23-9.

Thomas has a paneful experience from 5 ft for Texas and Owens gets style points on the running one-hander left side.

Wright goes under the low bridge for the reverse layin from Woods on the pass. Arizona leads 25-13.

At four minutes, the crowd is providing an earful as Walton gets a little three stooges action in the eye. He stays in the game.

At 3:45, Boddicker continues his festival of fouls with his third infraction, this one on Jefferson. RJ makes one out of two free throws to put the lead at 26-13.

Evans flies the Texas airways for the follow putback above the rim. Arizona leads 26-15.

Wright fights like a junkyard dog for the board, but chases his tail for the travel.

Gardner is all alone on the steal and takes a walk in the park for the easy layin. Arizona leads 28-15 at 2 minutes.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly blows a kiss off the glass driving the right baseline. Arizona leads 28-17.

Arenas clangs his first free throw and dribbles in the second to put Arizona up 29-17.

Edgerson checks into the game and wastes no time banging bodies for the foul. Owens swishes both throws to cut the lead to 29-19.

Jefferson giftwraps a steal to Mouton who rides a rollercoaster for the fastbreak layin. Cats lead is cut to 29-21.

Woods builds a tree house right side for the 5 ft jumper. Arizona leads 31-21.

Kelly uses a branding iron from deep in three point land with four seconds, but Gardner gets mad props from the first row with a 46 foot logo burner from beyond halfcourt.

Halftime score is Arizona 34, Texas 24, as Gardner gets mobbed by his fellow Cats.

Second half (I could really go for a little Texas barbecue right now)

Evans happens to be in the neighborhood and drops by for a tipin of the Kelly miss. Arizona leads 34-26.

Evans fires a warning shot past a Longhorn's head out of bounds for the turnover at 18:21.

Wright plays a little inside out with Jefferson for the 15 ft jumper. Arizona leads 36-26.

Arenas scuffs his jersey to track down the ball and calls timeout from a reclining position at 17:31.

Jefferson shovels in some dirt for the 5 ft jumper right side to increase Arizona's lead, 38-26.

Woods tears the house down with the TWO-FISTED SLAM from Gardner. Cats up, 40-26.

Arenas swats the fly for the blocked shot but a Longhorn puts in the follow.

Wright scoops in some gravy from 5 feet on the right wing. Arizona leads 42-28.

Wright is all muscle for the hoop and some harm inside. He makes the bonus free throw and Arizona leads 45-28.

Woods gets tangled in some Ivey for the foul. Ivey makes both free throws, and Arizona leads 45-30 with 14:30 left.

Arenas breaks it down with the smooth like buttah drive and easy layin.

It's the Gilbert Arenas show as he schools a Longhorn with the steal and ONE-HANDED THROWDOWN while posing for pictures. Arizona leads 49-30 and coach Barnes needs a timeout.

Wright helps put the dishes away with the rebound and layin from 3 feet left side.

Woods shoves Owens into the dumpster down low for the foul. Owens makes one of two to cut the lead to 51-31.

Jefferson shows off his skills as he leans back in the recliner and leaves a ring of fire from 18 feet left side.

Evans wants to put an end to the RJ clinic and gets the foul. Jefferson makes both gifts and Arizona leads 55-31.

Walton gets the black and blue steal and gives it up to Arenas for the deuce on the fastbreak.

Owens is all inside and gets the pass from Evans for the HOOK `EM SLAM. Cats are up, 57-33 with 10 minutes left.

Walton rattles and hums from 5 feet right side for the bucket.

Kelly storms the paint on the Longhorn misses and gets the easy putback as Arizona leads 61-35.

Arenas shoots a bottle off the fence post from 10 feet on the right side.

Kelly leaves some clothes hanging on the line to Evans for the ALLEY OOP JAM as Texas cuts the lead to 63-37.

Blah, blah, blah, Arizona makes three free throws to lead 66-37 with under 8 minutes. ABC is giving us a pause.

(We want the funk...give up the funk. The crowd gets obnoxious for a free rubber ball)

Owens drains the tub from 3-point land.

Ivey drops in some poison from 17 feet on the right wing. Arizona leads 67-41 with 6:37 left.

Jefferson gets the biscuit from Gardner and puts it in cruise control for the ONE-HANDED JAM.

Thomas gets his fingernails dirty for the offensive board and layin.

Wright runs the floor and gets the reward from Arenas for the easy gift bucket. Arizona leads 71-43 with 4:46 left.

Evans cleans up his own table scraps for the putback.

Arizona empties the bench. Schwertley and Ash are in the game.

Edgerson stuns the crowd with a swish from the free throw line. And follows it with another swish to make it 73-45.

Stat of the game: Arizona has no turnovers in the second half.

Owens gets consecutive buckets, but Wessel answers from the baseline.

Evans nails down a 3P, and Edgerson weaves some McKale magic and drops in a 5 ft J. Arizona leads 77-52 with 1:30 left.

Ash finishes off the glowing embers by swishing a couple of free throws, and then skies for a board on the defensive end (He wants to play, Coach Olson).

Time ticks off the clock as Barnes and Olson shake hands and call it a day.

Final score: Arizona 80, Texas 52

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