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Arizona Men's Basketball Player Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 22, 1999
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Loren Woods
"We know that they (Notre Dame) have been putting a lot of points up on the board. They have knocked off some teams by a lot of poitns, so they are very offensive-minded. We are only looking at Notre Dame right now. They beat Ohio State, and they were a top 10-caliber team, so they are going to be gunning for us, too. We know that Kentucky and Maryland are in the bottom of the bracket, but we will have to wait to get one of them.

"I think that it is every kids' dream is to play at Madison Square Garden. That is where Michael Jordan played and where all of the great Knickerbockers played. I've been watching the Kincks since I was a little kid, so this is really exciting.

"If we pull this out and win it, I think that people out here have been kind of expecting us to win it, so it won't be that big of a deal. Around the country, I think that people will start to look at us as one of the best teams in the country."

Michael Wright
"I feel very confident playing with everyone right now. We all have a good flow playing together. We have a lot of good offensive players, and the depth off the bench is pretty good, too.

On Loren Woods:
"His presence is so good inside because he does not just block shots. He is in there, and he changes the way that people are shooting. He also blocks a lot of shots and rebounds. He is just a big presence on all of the defensive part of the game.

"I have been to New York before, to a Yankees game, but I have never been to Madison Square Garden. I am excited to play there, I think that it is everyone's dream to play in there. We have to take it one game at a time and make sure that we win every one, so that we can come home with the NIT championship."

Richard Jefferson-
On the continuing development of this year's team:
"The look of this year's team is nothing like last year's team. We have new looks, new defenses and we're completely different. This year's team wants to have our own identity. This trip is going to be a great experience for us, as far as earning respect.

On going to the semifinals of the N.I.T.:
"We have gotten a lot of publicity from just being a team from the University of Arizona, but we want to gain respect for who we are as a team. When we get in Madison Square Garden a few guys might be awestruck, but after a practice there and a shoot-around we'll be just fine.

On Notre Dame:
"I watched film on them and I think that if you get on them early you can beat them. Ohio State let them hang around and Notre Dame got hot in the second half and beat them (OSU). They played last night, so that tells you that they weren't expecting to be this far in the tournament. We'll be ready for them."

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