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Coach Dick Tomey's Tuesday Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 21, 1999
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SEPTEMBER 21, 1999

Arizona's matchup with Washington State:
"Anytime you're struggling, there are some similarities. I think the similarities are turnovers, imbalance in turnovers, pass protection, quarterback judgement problems and defensive problems."

"Both teams have given up way too many big plays. I hate to say our problems are the same because we have problems of our own. We're not winning the turnover battle, we're not winning the kicking game, and we're not winning critical situations on offense or defense. We're not playing well in the fourth quarter, and we are making too many mistakes mentally."

"This is a huge game for us this week because both teams need a win. We have great respect for the job coach (Mike) Price has done. They're struggling, and we are too. Both teams have their backs against the wall, so I think it will be a tough, physical game."

Arizona's quarterbacks:
"They know what they need to do to be winning quarterbacks. Winning quarterbacks are not the ones with all the statistics. They are the ones who give their team a chance to win. They've been that in the past, so they know what they need to do. There's no reason to believe they can't do it again."

"I am hopeful that Keith (Smith) can get to the point where he is at full speed because part of his ability is his capability to run."

Arizona's leadership:
"Leaders develop through competition, and they develop through performance. It's all about making plays, and leaders make good, smart plays. The guy who has made the most plays for us is Dennis Northcutt, but it is hard to be a leader at wide receiver. He's done everything to provide the best leadership, but it has to be several guys making plays."

Arizona's defense:
"We just need to play better defense, Arizona defense. I like to play good defense, and we're going to play better defense. I promise you that."

"We're not getting home on defense. You have no chance in the secondary if you can't get someone in the quarterback's face and make him hurry."

Tomey's outlook:
"We want to be respected for our guts, our determination and our hitting. We just need to do a few things better. We're not far off, but we are certainly not where we want to be. It's a time for some soul searching for a lot of people to see what we have to do be more effective."

"There are a lot of things that we're doing that aren't what you want, like turnovers. I still think we have the right guys playing, and I believe they will get it turned around."

"We need to put this behind us and keep moving ahead and keep getting better. We have a lot of season left, but we've got to change the way we play in terms of the result."

"I thought we could have a rough start, and I was certainly not oblivious to the fact that we could be overrated. I'm surprised we're not farther along, and I'm surprised by the way we've lost, but I have no delusions of grandeur."

"I think teams are a mirror of their head coach, and I don't like what I see. We need to make this seem like a bad dream."

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