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Press Conference Quotes From Coach Jim Rosborough
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 05, 2001
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On senior center Loren Woods:
"We handled Loren's situation (being ejected from the Cal game) internally. We are going to do everything that we can to turn a situation that wasn't too great into a positive for Loren. I think that he said all the right things in the paper last night, and he has talked with the team. As much as I didn't like the actions, I think it is pretty much the result of the culmination of a whole lot of things. He has had a fall that has been extremely frustrating. He has really been through the ringer in terms of the suspension. I thought the kid was playing pretty well in the first half, so what we need to do is build on that. He had a good practice today, and I think that we have handled it the right way. All of us, including Coach Olson, are going to put our faith in Loren that this has been a learning experience. He is going to play, and he will start.

On playing Stanford:
"I hope that we're, on one level, at a higher emotional level. I know who's here, and you know who's here. Now that we are getting further away from the situation, I would suspect that we are going to be on the floor with the kind of emotion that we should have playing Stanford. I know they are going to have the emotion that they should playing Arizona.

"Our position is a little different than theirs. I don't know if the term is struggled, but we have lost a couple of games here in December. I think that tomorrow's game included and it is not a game in terms of life or death to where you finish in the Pac(-10) but we are in a position where we want to get better every game. It is a big game. They know it, we know it.

"They are balanced. Like us, they have a lot of older kids. (Casey) Jacobson is good, the Collins' (Jarron and Jason) are good. They had five guys in double figures last night. They have depth, and they have experience and are older. It is like when we have had good teams here. When you have players that have been in the system for two or three years, they know how to run their stuff. When you have veteran players in the system, that always helps.

On playing Stanford recently:
"The year with (Mike) Bibby and those guys (1998), I think that we were a little bit of a loosy-goosy and we caught them and played well. Last year, if you want me to look back and say that I was a little surprised winning up there, I was. The game down here was for the Pac-10 Championship. It was a five or six point game, and it was really a great game. They are an awful good team.

"When our guys play Stanford, they know who it is, just like they know who we are. I don't know that it's been any secret. Their guys get ready to play us just like we get ready for them. (Two) years ago, they smashed us.

We went up there, and they blitzed us. There have been a lot of very good games. I guess that is why we are playing at 11 (a.m.) tomorrow. Someone thought that this was going to be a good game to be on (television)."

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