Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Arizona Football Press Conference
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 10, 2000
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September 10, 2000


On the Ohio State game:
"After looking at the tape, I see a lot of things that I love. I love the way our defense competes, and I am very encouraged by our kicking game and the toughness of our quarterback (Ortege Jenkins). We have a lot of heart, and I think that is a very encouraging sign. We still have a lot of things that we need to do better."

"I don't feel great about letting him (Ortege Jenkins) get hit as much. Our biggest concern right now is the offensive line. We are really beat up, and we have to make adjustments in the next week."

"That was as physical of a game as I've every been around. There were a lot of tough hits out there last night, and it was no place for the faint of heart. It was a ferocious game, and it was good for us to play in a game like that. We will benefit from that down the road."

On Ortege Jenkins' performance:
"I know that he (Jenkins) is a warrior, and that he can play hurt. He is a great competitor, and I don't think we've ever had a guy get hit as much. He kept fighting to win, and his toughness is very encouraging."

"I've never seen him in that kind of a situation. He really stepped up in an adverse situation, and he was a tremendous example of toughness and someone who was trying to make a play. Once he got a couple of completions, he started to feel better. I was impressed with his toughness and his competitiveness, and I think we will be able to build on that for the whole team."

"O.J. was a champ. Any quarterback can excel when things are going his way, but his competitiveness down the stretch was extraordinary. That means a lot to our team, and it gives the rest of the team confidence in our quarterback because he was able to compete in the face of tremendous adversity."

On the offense:
"We had a lot of trouble throwing because we had a lot of trouble protecting. We are not where we need to be on offense because we need to protect better, but I think we will continue to grow in the pass protection area. One of the positives that I did see is that we are taking great care of the ball on offense."

"They (Ohio State) blitzed us, and we didn't pick things up as well as we had hoped. Ohio State has a tough secondary, and our receivers had trouble getting free quickly. We just have to protect better, run routes better and get the ball off better."

On the return of Brad Brennan:
"Brad (Brennan) was in on one play, but he said it (his back) didn't feel good. It looks like he might be closer to being able to go this week, but we've told him that his target to go is Stanford. It will help us to get Brennan back in there because he is the best at beating someone in a one-on-one situation."

On Arizona's secondary:
"I think they will be learning all season, but I have seen some really great signs. They are aggressive, and they play the ball, in most cases, pretty well. I think the best days are ahead of us. The more we play and the more we see, the better we'll get."

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