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Head Coach Dick Tomey Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 24, 1999
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Press Conference (August 24) "I would think that Keith (Smith) will start at quarterback because of what he has done so far this season. I have said it a lot, Keith is a senior, and if there is the benefit of the doubt to be given, it is going to go to a senior. But overall, it is an inconsequential.

"Their defense may be the best one that we have ever played against. Mac Morrison is a terrific linebacker, and he does not even get talked about that much. (Lavar) Arrington is a scary player, and Courtney Brown is just as scary. They have a lot of terrific players, and they all have experience.

"They put a very formidable defense out there. Looking at the tapes from the past couple of years, there is not one who is going out there and marching up and down the field against them. You can't get big play after big play. We just have to work on getting a string of first downs.

"It helps having the quarterbacks with a lot of experience, but I think that the offensive line is going to be the key to the game. If the offensive line does not do its job, then no matter how good your quarterbacks or running backs are, you are not going to do much. I think that is going to be where the battle is won, between the offensive and defensive lines. That and the kicking game and the turnover battle.

"I think that Big 10 football teams have the reputation as being the place where they play real' football. But they also have the reputation of not being very quick. However, I will be very surprised if we are faster than them once we get on the field.

"This kind of a game is very fun for players to be involved with. That is why kids come to college, for games like this. I keep telling the team, though, this is not the most important game this week, or this year. Nothing that happens out there is final."

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