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Lute Olson Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 18, 2000
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JANUARY 18, 2000

This week in Los Angeles:
"This is going to be another big weekend for us, but I think it is going to be that way every week whether we're home or away. This is a big rivalry game for both teams, and we have to be at least as good as we were at Stanford to come away with the win."

"I think the experience of going to tough places to play is always valuable, especially when it comes to league play. As tough as it is to play on the road in non-conference games, it is 10 times tougher to play in conference games on the road."

"I think it helped UCLA tremendously, confidence-wise, to win at North Carolina. But, it has never been a problem for UCLA being up for us when we play at Pauley (Pavilion)."

"UCLA gets out and runs the break as well as anybody, and their two big guys (Jerome Moiso and Dan Gadzuric) played great on the boards at North Carolina."

"I think the keys for us are stopping their break and keeping them off of the offensive boards. One of our weaknesses is their strength on the glass."

"The match up between the big guys is going to be a very interesting match. The key for both teams will be staying of out of foul trouble, which may be more of a problem for us. They can come off with more depth than what we have."

"(Jerome) Moiso and Loren (Woods) are both excellent shot blockers, they have a nice shooting touch, and they can score from the inside or from 17."

"(Jason) Kapono is playing great for UCLA, and he is the leading percentage shooter in the conference. (Earl) Watson creates problems, other than the usual point guard problems, because he is good rebounder, which is unusual for a point guard."

A look at Arizona:
"Michael (Wright) and Loren (Woods) seem to be getting better in their two roles in terms of what each can do well, and they are comfortable in their roles based on what we've seen."

"Luke (Walton) has been a huge factor for us defensively, and he will start against (Jason) Kapono. Both have a feel for the game that you don't teach, and both are very aware. Luke's awareness makes him tough."

"Justin (Wessel) is a very valuable player to us, and he has turned into a defensive competitor. He does not like to give up points, but if he does, he doesn't give them up easily."

"We just need to play according to the roles that have been established at this point, and I am confident that we will play accordingly."

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