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University of Arizona Women's Basketball Player Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 28, 1999
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Felecity Willis -
"Our intensity definitely picked up late in the game. We knew coming in, they wanted to be a tough, physical team, and they definitely did that. They outplayed us at a lot of points, but with about 3:40 left, we knew that we had to finish things off.

"We did not make too many (defensive) adjustments in the second half. We started to rebound better and play better in the post, which started to get things started.

"We knew that we were taking shots very early, so we made an adjustment there and started to work the ball around the perimeter better. We started to get better shot selection when we did that."

Tatum Brown -
"We had a gut check late in the game. I was personally not pleased with the way that I had been playing (early in the game), so I wanted to step it up. I was not getting the rebounds, and not playing well on defense, two things that I really pride myself on. We had to get out there late, work hard and pick up the intensity.

"We became more physical on the boards in the second half, and we also improved our shot selection. Early in the game, there were a lot of long rebounds and we were not getting to them because we were sending four to the boards and only one back."

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Nikki Heckroth -
"This was definitely a confidence booster for us. We knew that they were a good, physical team, and we got what we expected. I was overall pleased with our performance, except for the turnovers.

"In the second half, we did not take care of the ball as well as we did in the first half. Also, our shots were not falling like they had been, so those two things combined did not help. We came with a lot of intensity in the first half, but we did not show the same thing in the second half.

On Jordan Adams:
"Wow. She sometimes gets down on herself, but I think that tonight she showed only a glimpse of what she can do out there. She has a very bright future, that is what we see from her."

Jordan Adams -
"I am getting more confident playing with the team the more time that I have. They are making it a lot easier for me out there. I knew that (Arizona) has good posts, so I had to come out strong. I did not get the ball at the high post as much in the second half, so I could not get as many shots there."

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