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Coach Dick Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 29, 2000
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On the loss to UCLA:
"In a game like, the difference between winning and losing is one play. We just didn't make the play, whether it was on offense or defense. The margin between winning and losing the game has not been very much in the last few weeks. Our guys spilled their guts out there, and they played with a lot of heart."

"You can't say that the offense is the whole problem. It's a team game, and we all have to take responsibility. The players' hearts were in the right place, and they were all devastated after losing the game. We all take a part of the loss. We're not going to blame anyone, and we are just going to get back to work."

"I think the biggest thing for us is that we have the right guys who are working hard. Our effort was better last night, and a lot of players gave a better effort than the week before. It's just hard to feel rewarded because we were not rewarded with a victory. We just didn't get the job done as a team. But, we are working hard to be a good football team because we still have some touch challenges ahead. I believe in these players, and I know they will do everything possible to be better."

On Arizona's offense:
"We are having trouble moving the ball consistently, and we just haven't been consistent either way, whether in passing or running the ball. Our inconsistency on offense is really a matter of coordination and execution. We would definitely like to be more productive. We had a chance to win the game last night. All we needed were two first downs at the end, and we just didn't get the job done."

On quarterback Ortege Jenkins:
"He doesn't need to do that (take sole responsibility for the loss). I know he feels very responsible, and I feel very responsible. I hope the whole team feels responsible. I think the quarterback gets too much credit when you win and too much responsibility when you lose. All quarterbacks have tough days, and O.J. has done so many good things for this football team. He doesn't need to beat himself up about this. He just needs to go back to work and improve like we all have to do."

On the return of center Bruce Wiggins:
"We are hoping that we are going to get him back this week. The only thing is that he has to go through a whole week of practice, so we will have to see how he does. If we get him back, we will have to juggle some people because we are looking for the best five guys up front."

On running back Clarence Farmer:
"We decided to see what Clarence could do carrying a big load. There were times where he did a really good job, and there were times where he showed evidence that he is a freshman. After the Oregon game, we decided that we wanted to see what Clarence could do with a bunch of carries, and we thought that he would have been our best chance in the running game if we had given him more touches and more opportunities (in the Oregon game)."

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