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Dick Tomey Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 05, 2000
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University of Arizona head coach Dick Tomey
Press Conference - 9/5/00 - Pre-Ohio State

"Ohio State did a lot of good things in their first game (against Fresno State), but they are going to be like us and any other team in the nation right now that they need to work on things. They are a very talented team, and their defense, God, they are quick. (Quarterback Steve) Bellasari is a scary athlete. He is a very capable thrower, and he is an incredible athlete with his feet. He can hurt you with his arm or with his feet, and he is a very gritty competitor.

"This is a huge week of improvement for us. We are going to have to take some giant steps in practice because we need to play better than we did last week in order to win. I am sure Ohio State has to do the same thing. Typically, there is a lot of growth after the first game because you get to look at a tape. There are a lot of guys who you thought played great, but they really have a lot of things to work on.

On the Arizona offense:
"The biggest thing is that we need not panic. Some of the numbers we dictated by the game, though. We were ahead by 14 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. When you try to get greedy in situations like that, there are a lot of bad things that can happen to a team. You try to throw a pass in the endzone, and it gets intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Our chance to win the game was to hand-off, and maybe throw deep once or twice.

On the play of Ortege Jenkins:
"(Utah's) two guys threw for 310 yards, but O.J. had a better game. They gave up four turnovers, so I will take his stats any day. He dreamt about going in to the game and being perfect, and I think that he was a little bit uptight.

"You hope that a team's identity is one that they are going to be able to win when they struggle. We struggled against Utah, but we were able to do the things that we needed to do to win. We did not commit turnovers, and we did not get penalized. The kicking game was superb, so I think that we had a very good effort in trying to win.

"Ohio State every year has one of the best recruiting classes in the country. They have a lot of good, fast athletes, and they are just flying around all over the field. They have a lot of big guys running around the field who can really smack people around.

"They're offense against Fresno State did not show a lot of the things that we expect them to do against us. They did not show the option or use the fullback attack, so I think we are going to see some other things from them. There are a lot of things that we have worked on since spring that they did not do, but that we expect them to do.

On John Cooper:
"John's background as a coach is a very fundamental in nature. He has a very close identification with being a good fundamental coach and with them being a good fundamental football team. That goes back to the roots he has as a player and a coach.

On the Pac-10's 9-1 start to the season:
"Obviously, the Pac-10 has acquitted itself very well so far. I never thought that the Pac-10 was as bad as everyone said that it was. I think that Arizona has had as much success against the rest of the nation in the past decade as evidenced by out wins in bowl games over teams like Nebraska and Miami (Fla.)."

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