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Men's Basketball Coach Lute Olson's Press Conference Transcript
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 10, 1999
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NOVEMBER 10, 1999

On the California All-Stars:
"We are going to face a team much different from the Lithuania team. It's a team that's been in the states and played a number of games in similar situations like what they will face here in McKale."

"They are a very good team and an experienced team. They're athletic, and they have played quite a bit together."

This week's preparation:
"You don't gain a whole lot from 50-point wins. How much did we learn? I don't think we learned a lot from that (Lithuania) game."

"Our preparation this week is aimed toward next Tuesday. The game this Sunday will be a way to help us get ready for Kansas State. We respect the California All-Stars, and we are going to use that game situation to be better prepared for Tuesday."

Arizona's co-captains:
"The team decided to have co-captains for the season-Josh Pastner and Loren Woods. The team has done a great job making that selection, and both Josh and Loren have shown excellent leadership skills."

"They are to be commended because there is nothing like having the confidence of their teammates and peers. Josh is as valuable as any player in the program, and he knows what he can do to help the team."

UA's lineup:
"With us, the lineup has never been a case where something is set in stone. The guys know they will be evaluated everyday in practice. Spots, positions and playing time will be adjusted as needed. It's all about performance."

Ruben Douglas:
"I think we are on the same page in terms of where we go from here. He is a very important part of the team whether he's on the floor when the ball goes up or if he's on the court in the last three minutes of the game."

Lamont Frazier:
"When he's been out there, he has been very impressive. We're not doctors and trainers, so we will follow their recommendations. We hope he will be back soon for his sake and for the team's sake."

Richard Jefferson:
"Richard played the best I've ever seen him play the other night. He had three forced errors on the opponent, and that never happened a year ago."

Olson's outlook:
"I am tremendously pleased with the effort we're getting from the guys, both mentally and physically, and I am pleased with the chemistry that's developing."

"In all the years I've been here, I don't recall a team that has had better ball movement than what we had on Sunday."

"This team is clearly about team, and I am pleased with the team attitude right now."

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