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Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 02, 1999
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"It was a great feeling to get the win. It's been a great place to work and live, and we have had tremendous support over the years from the fans in Tucson."

"Well, I was disappointed with the starters. We just did not have good performances out of them. The key for us was that we had guys come off the bench and play with emotion."

"We had a strong effort from Michael (Wright) in the second half, and Luke (Walton) did a tremendous job on both ends of the court."

"Rick (Anderson) gave us a great performance on the boards. He made things happen offensively, and he really helped us on the glass with both offensive and defensive boards. He played 16 minutes and was the second-leading rebounder."

"In the first half we had only three offensive rebounds because people were not playing with emotion. In the second half we had 13 offensive rebounds, and seven of them were from our reserves. I was really pleased to see the kind of play we got out of them."

"Texas is going to be a real challenge for us because they have as physical of a front line that we are going to see all year."

"Texas is a great team. They are going to be physical, and we just have to be physical right back. We will get a good feeling for what we're made of Saturday night."

BYU Head Coach Steve Cleveland:

"Depth is the first thing that comes to mind about tonight's game. They wore us down and we were only good for 30 minutes. We gave them too many second-chance points and Ricky Anderson and Luke Walton were key for them off the bench. Bench play was definitely the big issue tonight."

"Our lack of a front line hurt us. Like I said, it was depth at that position that hurt us. I guess that's why we signed four post players during the fall period. When Silester Rivers gets hurt for us it really hurts. Especially going against guys like (Michael) Wright and (Loren) Woods. It's really tough."

"I felt that we definitely competed tonight. It sure didn't feel like a 24-point loss. Rebounding was also a big factor for us tonight. They took control of the boards and then they were in control. (Ricky) Anderson plays with a lot of emotion and energy. He was key for them tonight because he was fresh off the bench."

"They are a better defensive team than the Arizona team that we faced last year. They are also quicker. We were just spent tonight. They're very good. He (Lute Olson) can go to his bench and they don't

University of Arizona player quotes

Rick Anderson -

On his performance and the reaction of the crowd: "That was so cool. I had all that adrenaline going, and the crowd really got into it. I got all excited and felt like a big part of the team. That was cool, a lot of fun, a great time.

"I am really looking forward to playing Texas. They are a tough team and play very physical. The coaches told us just now that they are going to be gunning for us, so that is going to make it that much better. Against all three of these teams (Texas, UConn, Michigan State), we are going to have to play well or we are going to get our butts kicked.

"We didn't look good int he first half. We didn't come out and play up to our ability. We knew that we had to change that in the second half, or we would be in trouble."{

Michael Wright -

"Ricky (Anderson) did a superb job off the bench. He came in with a lot of enthusiasm and got things going with 16 points. He gave us a lift off the bench and really turned the game around for us. When he's red hot, he's just crazy. He's like... all-world then.

"The starters came out real slow, but the bench was there to give us a lift.

"Aside from Stanford, Texas was the most physical team that we played last year. They really bang around in there hard. They are down there in their house. They are going to be waiting for us to come in there and look to knock us off."

Richard Jefferson -

"We have to come out and play intense for 40 minutes. We definitely did not do that tonight. This was not a satisfying game. We are going to have a tough practice tomorrow. Coach 'O' was not happy, and I was really not happy with my game. I thought that I had a horrible game.

"Texas is a different team in some ways than they were last year, and we are a different team in a lot of ways. They have something to prove in this game, just like we are going to have something to prove. Both teams are going to be out to prove they are one of the best teams in the country.

"We still have to learn how to focus some as a team. We have to come out hard every game and not let down. If we are not focused, we are going to struggle. Luckily, the bench came through for us tonight."

BYU Player Quotes

Mekeli Wesley

On Arizona inside game;

"They a real strong and physical team. You watch them on tv and they don't look that big but they are pretty impressive."

"It was a tough rebounding night for me tonight. I'm not the best rebounder already and to have to go up against guys like Wright and Woods makes it even more difficult."

On Silester Rivers Playing Injured:

"With Silester unable to compete all out with his injury, we became really thin inside and made it really tough to match up inside the whole game. Silester hasn't been healthy all year but we've been able to compensate for his loss the first two games but we couldn't against Arizona."

On the Arizona runs at the end of the first half:

"They turned it on at the end of the first half and when on a run that in a couple minutes put us down by 10 points. You've got to play a full forty minutes against Arizona to hang with 'em.We were a little fatigued and they wore us down with their physical play."

On loss:
"Playing a team like Arizona is the best way to gage the progress of your team. We know we can play with top teams as long as we get an all-around team effort and a full forty minutes and we didn't get that tonight."

On Rick Anderson's Play:

""He was the unsung hero tonight. He hit two straight threes and he did the little things to put them ahead. He's a good player."

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