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Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 08, 2001
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Feb. 8, 2001

Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson

"It was a solid effort overall, and I was very pleased with our play in the second half. One thing we want to do is get down to single digits on turnovers. We only had eight in the first half and five in the second half, so we are getting better. We were extremely impatient in the first half, and we were too jumpshot happy in the first half."

"We needed to do a better job of getting the ball to the basket areas. It was not a good shooting night at all for us. But, if we get the ball inside, we force the defense to make a play, and then we get opportunities at the free throw line. We also gave up too many offensive rebounds in the first half (8), but we did a better job in the second half by giving up only six offensive boards."

"Defensively, we destroyed them in the second half. We had good defensive pressure, and we got a lot of steals as a result. Our guards really turned it around in the second half. We made it difficult for them to complete their passes, and they had a hard time making rolls to the basket. Loren (Woods) did a great job of protecting the basket area."

"Eugene (Edgerson) worked very hard defensively. You know that when he is in the game that he is going to give you 100 percent. He was perfect from the field, so he had a great effort tonight."

"Luke (Walton) was tremendous for us off of the bench. You always know that he is going to be on the glass, and he really knows how to play. He had seven points, five assists, three rebounds and only one turnover for the whole game, so he had a good game overall."

Arizona Player Quotes

Junior Michael Wright

"The second half was more like Arizona basketball, with the fast break and the guards shooting jumpshots. A lot of people focus on Loren (Woods), so I just tried to be hard to guard."

"Loren is a good passer, he's got his jumpshot, he does a lot of things that most 7'2" guys don’t do. He’s very agile. He creates chances for me because like I said he is a good passer."

"I’ve got to use my strength with my quickness and power. Eventually, we were going to run them down. Loren played really well defensively. When it’s that time, someone needs to step up and I just tried to do that. Our defense was the turnaround and defense creates offense."

Senior Loren Woods

"It (the game) seemed easy because we were up so much, but we worked hard. I’m not playing anywhere near where I need to be. But the cream always rises to the top. I’ve got eight games left and the tournament to prove myself."

"I’m just riding the backs of my teammates, I’ve got great teammates. With the level of play of the guys I’m playing with, I don’t need to worry about myself. I’m not really worried about myself. When I step on the court, the talent of the other guys will pick it up."

"I’m not worried about fun, the point of playing basketball is to win. I’m playing to win, I’m wearing an Arizona jersey to win."

On his 1000th career point: "Nobody really cares about that. Guys just want to see me play well."

On Washington: "They played well, the score wasn’t what they wanted it to be. That team was a team that we knew had been struggling and always plays well in here. We didn’t want them to come in and give us trouble."

Sophomore Jason Gardner

"The second half is always our better half. We’ve tried to work on our play in the first half because we always play better in the second half."

Washington Head Coach Bob Bender

"The way we came back in the first half was very encouraging, but they came right back. I wasn’t happy with the way the first half ended, and that didn’t help."

"The first five minutes of the second half are critical. It was actually like two and a half minutes for them (Arizona) to get some easy buckets and get a sizeable lead. They gained more confidence, they ran and got the tempo higher than we wanted it to be."

"In the first half they didn’t get too many easy buckets other than offensive rebounds. We started to get good shots once we were settled. Two things that we did do defensively in the first half were that we didn’t let them run up the points or get any threes."

"In the second half we had mental lapses. We wanted Curtis (Allen) to pick up Gardner (Jason), but that didn’t happen and that is how he got open. Mental lapses turn into physical lapses."

On Forward Will Perkins: "It was a tough night for Will. He normally does a pretty good job of coming back in the second half, it just didn’t get easier."

"It was a tough match-up for him (Will Perkins). Even if he had Loren (Woods) on the outside, he is just so long that it is tough for him. It is a tough match-up for a lot of people."

"Early, our turnovers were careless. In the second half they picked up the pressure and forced the turnovers."

Washington Player Quotes

Freshman Guard C.J. Massingale

"It hurts to start the second half of the Pac-10 season with a loss. We just have to practice hard on Friday so that we're ready to go again Saturday."

"Arizona is a real powerhouse. They have a strong starting five and a strong bench. They're deep and hard to match up against."

"It's exciting because you grow up thinking about playing in arenas like this (McKale Center) and aginst a backcourt like Jason (Gardner) and Gilbert (Arenas)."

Freshman Guard Curtis Allen

"Obviously we wanted to win and we're not happy about anything. Arizona is a good, tough team. They are one of the most talented teams in the country. Each one of their starters will probably be in the NBA someday. They're going to go far in the tournament."

"Michael Wright is almost unstoppable. He's so strong and he plays real hard. I like his game a lot."

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