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Pregame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 09, 2001
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Coach Jim Rosborough

"I have asked Gene (Edgerson) to take off the week and the weekend to do some self-evaluation as to what he wants his role to be on this team. It is something that has been ongoing for a while that I have seen. It is not just some single occurrence, and it is not a team dissension issue.

"I am extremely sympathetic to Gene's situation. He is a college graduate, and I think that he needs to look for what he needs for his future. I've asked him to spend time evaluating what he needs to do from this point on in the season.

"We have nine guys on this team, and the amount of minutes available for Gene is not substantial. I am sure that it is frustrating to Gene. I have simply asked him to evaluate what he needs from the rest of the season. We will get together on Monday, and I hope that we will have a positive resolution from it.

"There are some things throughout the season that have happened (with Edgerson), and they have come to a head. It is time for Gene to evaluate is he too frustrated, too frustrated that he is not playing 24-25 minutes. I understand that it is tough, but the minutes are pretty much scarce. As an older guy on the team, he needs to decide if this is going to be okay in terms of minutes that he is playing.

"I don't assume anything in this league. What I would like to have happen is that we get into the lockeroom Thursday night and the coaches and the players can both say that we have left everything that we have on the floor and that we are a better team for it. I want to have a great practice Friday and do the same thing on Saturday.

"(Stanford) is a good, veteran club, and they definitely beat us on our own floor Saturday. I came out of that game feeling a more positive energy flow than if we'd gotten smashed. We played hard, and we got out and competed better. I saw guys displeased when their guys were scoring, Richard (Jefferson) was coming around screens better than he ever has on the defensive end, Loren (Woods) was getting down the floor a little better than before. He also was better offensively. He really had the Collins twins backed down there a couple of times.

"I have liked this team all along. There have been some frustrations along the way. We put the kids through a brutal preseason schedule with the travel. There have been incidents that you wouldn't believe. I think that this team's legacy, and I hope that something great will happen in March, will be the way that they handled themselves with grace and dignity in the last 10 days. I can't imagine having an experience like that in college, what they have been through in the last week. Their character, growth and development - and you hope this never has to happen - has been amazing."

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