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Men's Basketball Coach Lute Olson Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 27, 1999
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University of Arizona head coach Lute Olson 10/27/99 Post-Practice

"We have had a lot to get in this week (in practice). Last week we were working much more on the fundamental parts of the game. This week we have been working on our zone offenses, which means that we have to work on our zone defense. We are working on getting a little more offensive execution, where we were looking for more defense last week.

"It has been a lot easier this year because we don't have as many new people to get into the system. Both new guys, Jason (Gardner) and Gilbert (Arenas), have been playing a lot of minutes in their positions, and they are picking stuff up quickly. They both have a good feel for the game, and are making good adjustments.

On Arenas and Gardner: "They are both ahead of where I would've anticipated them being. They are both very quick to the ball. Gilbert is listed at about 6-2 or 6-3, but he is really long (with his reach). He makes some mistakes, but he is able to cover up a lot with his reach. Frankly, I thought that he (Arenas) was going to have a tougher time adjusting.

On the competition at the two and three positions: "We are going to put the five best players out on the court, regardless of what year they are. There is not a case of being owed anything. Ricky (Anderson) is improving a lot on defense, but he still has some areas to get better in. His offense is still better than his defense. This year, he is letting the game come to him, rather than trying to force things. The added strength and weight have helped, too.

"Right now, he (Lamont Frazier) just needs to get back on the court. Believe me, no one wants to be out on the court more than he does. He and Luke Recker just want to get out there and play. Right now, though it all depends on the medical staff's evaulations. Basically Luke in on the sidelines with (trainer) Ed (Orr). I think that he will get a chance (to play in the Red-Blue Game), at least in a token appearance. We should know a lot more (about Frazier's condition) tomorrow. They have been running some tests this week that will tell us a lot.

"Michael Wright's defense has improved quite a bit. Offensively, he is being very aggressive. The only place where he is not doing as well as we would hope in on the boards. We talked to him about that after (Saturday's) scrimmage, and today in practice, he began to be much more aggressive.

"Loren (Woods) needs to be more of an offensive factor in the post. He is still playing too upright. He needs to be a scoring threat in the low post, not just a passing threat. Luke (Walton) has been defending Loren better down low than Justin (Wessel) or Robertas (Javtokas). Robertas' advantage, though, is that he is big and is not going to get pushed around down there. But there is no question that if Loren was in foul trouble that Luke would be the one we'd go with. Then it would be Justin, but there is not much difference between the two of them."

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