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Coach Tomey's Sunday Press Conference Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 26, 1999
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SEPTEMBER 26, 1999

Arizona's performance against Washington State:
"There's so much I appreciate about the way our guys played. For us to score twice against the wind in the fourth quarter was incredible. I've never played in conditions like that. We had no turnovers, and we really needed that."

"We had 93 plays, and they had 54, and that was the huge difference in the game."

"(Chris) Palic's play was the play of the game. He has worked on that (rugby) kick since the spring, and he's shown that he could do it. That was his best one, and we needed someone to make a big play."

"Playing on turf is a different thing. Several guys took a beating. But, we had no turnovers, and that really speaks well for the kind of players we have. The guys have shown they can survive tough challenges and win on the road in our conference."

"I think every time we've played Washington State in Pullman... there have been some tremendous games. I've never been in a position where we had some much going against us. We had the wind, field position, the crowd, playing on the road, and the team was struggling anyway, and I just love the resiliency and the fact that they kept believing we could win."

Arizona's defense in the fourth quarter:
"In the end, we played bad defense in the fourth quarter, but we stopped them when we needed to. To stop them after the punt was huge."

Arizona's winning touchdown:
"Whether or not it was a catch, I can't tell. We all accept the fact that there's a human quality in the game, and we'll live and die with that. It was a great job by Bobby Wade getting the ball up, and he showed a lot of poise."

"I didn't think he (Keith Smith) could throw that far. For Keith to throw that far with so much accuracy against the wind was huge. He was really cognizant of trying to get a tight spiral so the ball wouldn't be knocked down."

Trung Canidate:
"Well, Trung (Canidate) is still not healthy, but Trung carried the ball 34 times and did not have the ball out one time. He was dead tired, but he hung onto the ball. We wanted him with the ball because he has been reliable for us over time. He's not as quick as he was last year because he's got some tendinitis, but he did everything he could do for us."

Mark McDonald:
"I feel for him. What he does is so public, and when you're struggling in that kind of capacity, it's so public. He's trying so hard to be a good kicker. You've got to deliver in that job. It's not an easy task because of the pressures, but you've just got to do it or somebody else has to do it."

Tomey's outlook:
"When you look at our conference, everybody can beat everybody. It's going to be a crazy year, and it's going to be a fun year."

"We're pretty banged up. We've played five games, and we've played more games than anyone in the nation. We've been at it a long time, so we could use the time. A bye is great when you're coming off a high, but at the same time, we have no delusions of grandeur. Nothing is going to be easy for us. We have to get better, work on fundamentals and come back ready to go."

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