Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 18, 2001
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Arizona Women’s Basketball
February 18, 2001

Arizona head coach Joan Bonvicini

"This was a huge game, a very big win. USC has such tight defense and we shot 60%, which is just incredible."

"We rebounded well and played hard. Our coaches did an excellent job preparing the team for today’s game. We had a lot of turnovers, especially travels, but overall we did a good job."

"Krista knew it was going to be a physical game. I think that it reminded her of high school a little bit, the way she took the ball to the hole."

"USC is a good team, they’re young and could beat anybody. I’m really proud of our team and I look forward to ASU on Saturday."

Arizona Player Quotes

Aimee Grzyb

On a physical weekend:
"Especially UCLA, they had good ball pressure. USC is always on you defensively. They rebound, and they are athletic, and we were very tired."

On Krista Warren:
"She did great. She rebounds, she hustles, she is always on defense, and she really stepped up. She is an awesome guard. She has the height, she can jump, and she is a good ball handler. She is a good rebounder, but the coaches would just like her to go to the basket more."

On Elizabeth Pickney:
"Liz is always scoring and rebounding, and she is always rebounding in double figures."

Reshea Bristol

"We played together. We did have a lot of unforced turnovers, but we stayed together in the final minutes."

On Krista Warren:
"She did rebounding, scoring, free throws, and she had an all-around good game. We expect a lot out of everyone on any given night, and she stepped up tonight."

"Everyone is crucial on this team. Krista is the type of player who can play the 3,4 or 5. She really played some quality minutes."

On not starting the game: "I was sick, and I tried to get up in practice this week. I came late to one practice, and it was because of my sickness."

"USC is very aggressive. They have great defense, but man-to-man, we have the advantage. I wanted to take it on my shoulders. That is what I wanted to do, and I was successful at it."

"We knew they would play tough. We had to get shots in the paint and keep the defense moving. We stayed poised and were aggressive on defense."

"In the Pac-10 everyone beats everyone. You don’t know who is number one until the end. There are a lot of upsets. Everyone is out for the title, so they are going to step up their game. We have to take each game one at a time, and the best man wins."

"Everyone is from Los Angeles, or wanted to play here or in LA. It gets physical and aggressive, but we stayed together. We stayed tough because it is all mental."

USC head coach Chris Gobrecht

"We were extremely dead defensively. This is the second time that this has happened to us, the first time it happened was against Stanford. Since both games were televised and we lost I’m sure we’ll see the spread court offense even more."

"This spread court junk works sometimes, but we have to work on it defensively. It’s highly effective for a team when they are allowed to travel. It’s a new thing for us and we will just have to work on defending it. You have to attack it and we didn’t do that, you have to go after the player with the ball."

"This was a pretty ticky-tack game. The traveling thing is really discouraging and it’s a huge advantage for the other team because we weren’t allowed to travel."

"The bottom line was that we didn’t come ready to play. It was a poor attempt on our part and Arizona is a tough team at home. It’s unfortunate the we didn’t come to play."

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