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Arizona vs. Wisconsin Pre-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 18, 2000
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On Wisconsin:

The biggest thing involved in preparing for a team like Wisconsin is that you know you are going to have to play defense for 25-30 seconds each time down the floor. They are going to be setting a lot of screens and doing a lot of cutting, so we have to have a lot of communication on the floor. Wisconsin is not a denial team, they are a containment team. They rely a lot on their big guys down low, and their guards to do a great job. They are a lot like Stanford, so it's not a big adjustment for us.

On Wisconsin:

Both our styles are very conflicting where we are a fast break team and they are a slow down team. We do play half court offense fairly well with Mike (Wright) posting down low and with Gilbert (Arenas) and myself cutting to the bucket. I think if we can get our sets and get a lot of movement we will be fine.

On Wood's encouragement from the bench:
He's making sure we're focused. He had a lot of words to say at half-time against Jackson State. He's been pretty good with the encouragement.

On the loss of Woods:
It evens things out more (without Woods in the line-up against Wisconsin). I think we are able to play a fast paced game and a slower paced game. I think Wisconsin's whole game is a half court set and if you can make them get out of what they want to do then we have a better chance of winning.

On the seven man rotation:
I don't think it's a problem. Most teams in the tournament only play seven or eight men. Some teams do go a little bit deeper but I think right now we've had that seven man rotation for a long time so everyone is used to the minutes they are getting.

On Lute Olson:

I feel pretty good about the job he has done. We've had a crazy season. A lot of people have been injured and a lot of people were down and he just worked with the team that he had. He really prepared us for every game that we played.

On the loss of Woods:
Our defense is a lot less gambling (without Woods in the line-up). When Loren was there we knew he was there behind us to block the shot and now we have to use our speed and do anything we can to help the team win.

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