Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 01, 2003
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Arizona Player Quotes

Freshman Shawntinice "Polkey" Polk

"I had to stay aggressive today. California kept pushing, but I can't let down. Any way it goes, I am going to play hard."

"They had a good team. They were really pushing hard. We got off to a slow start, and that can't happen going into the tournament. We were all pumped up, but we came out slow. I don't know what it was."

"After Cocoa (Sanford) got injured, we went on a little spurt, but then everyone went down a couple notches. It got us off an running in the first half. "

"It feels good to finish second in the Pac-10 this year. I wish we could have finished first, but I'll take second any day, especially going into the Pac-10 tournament."

"This is when teams will go after us harder now. With the championship on the line, we have to play 110%."

Senior Julie Brase

"We'll take the win any way it happens. We didn't come out too strong, and California did a good job of pressuring us. We had some good baskets down the stretch to help us."

"I don't know the reason for why we came out like we did. We did a good job of coming on strong down the stretch."

"California is a great team. They played great defense and did a great job on the boards. They played a great game today."

"In the second half, we picked up our intensity. We got some steals and a few more boards. We were able to convert on the other end. Running transition is what we do best. We did a good job picking up our momentum down the stretch."

"We weren't relocating for our posts in the first half. In the second half, we just got the ball into Polkey. We made a couple changes at the half, and it helped."

"It's been up and down since I came to Arizona. Krista (Warren) and I talked about what we wanted to do this season. We wanted to have a good attitude and help our young team out. Our goal is to take our team to the NCAA tournament. We really know what's going on with this team with all of our relationships with the younger girls."

Senior Krista Warren

"From my freshman year to now, it feels like a great accomplishment. Working hard with great players, and when it doesn't happen, it's disheartening. It feels great to do this now."

"Size is a great thing. Tonight, we wanted to utilize our size. They started doubling because of this and we got some good guard play out of it too."

"She (Polkey) is a very unselfish player. I tell her she needs to be more selfish sometimes because she has the potential to be a great player."

"Julie (Brase) and I wanted to pump each other up and get the team going. Our last home game can either be a really bad one or a really good one, and we wanted a good one."

"It took us until halftime to wake up, and thankfully we did. We relaxed a little after the Stanford game. The first half proved we have to play hard against everyone."

"We'd love to win the Pac-10 tournament. Whether we finish second or third in the regular season shouldn't matter when it comes to the tournament."

Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini Quotes

"It definitely was not the prettiest of games. Cal is very scrappy, and they played hard. It was not always pretty, but we got it done. It was great to have Julie (Brase) and Krista (Warren) go out on top at home."

"Cal really out-hustled us in the first half, and we weren't making the extra pass. Our defense got better in the second half, and we went to our power game, which is how we got back into the game. We had a big run in the second half where we went up by 20 points."

"I am really proud of this team and all of the players' hard work. We tied for second in the Pac-10, and we are going into the conference tournament on a good winning streak. I believe that we can play even better than we have been because every game now is huge."

California Head Coach Caren Horstmeyer

"Arizona really turned up their defense on us. We needed to play more aggressively today."

"Arizona kept going into Polk and I knew we need to keep going into Timea (Ivanyi). We allowed too many offensive boards."

"Missing shots, shot selection and Arizona forcing us to play at a faster pace then we wanted too was the difference."

"Krista Warren really stepped it up for (Arizona) and got it started early for them."

"I was pleased we forced 24 turnovers. We allowed Arizona to shot too high of a percentage."

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