Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 23, 2005
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Head Coach Joan Bonvicini

(Opening statement)  “Right from the get-go they jumped on us and unfortunately for us that set the tempo for the rest of the game. They really put us back on our heels. They are a super-athletic team. We did not see a lot of three-point shooting from them in the past, but they sure did us one in tonight. They dominated us early inside, particularly in transition. They got some easy buckets, and I think it hurt our confidence. They are even more athletic than what I remember playing them. They are quicker and they shot better from the perimeter. They are a great team.”


(On her thoughts about her team’s chances if LSU played as well as they did) “They are a great team and we have played some good teams all year, but they are by far the best team we have played. Because of their quickness, size and versatility they are awfully good. It is going to take someone special to beat them. A lot of things can happen but they are very good, because they create problems because of their quickness right off the bat. Normally we are pretty quick, but it did not show tonight. I think maybe it was my fault because I told my team to pick and choose their moments to run, and I psychologically that may have held them back, and they hesitated a little bit. But LSU is a great basketball team.”


(On Arizona’s slow start and if intimidation played a part of it) “I think intimidation, nervousness and we were trying to play the percentages. We had not seen them shoot threes like that and they did. But what was even more amazing is how quick they got back in transition. They were very impressive. With Fowles on the floor it just gives them a different look. She just played 20 minutes but she was impressive. They a good deal of complimentary players who play with a great deal of poise and confidence. And Temeka runs the show and then you get the best player in Seimone and they play confident.”



Shawntinice Polk

(On playing LSU and what the difference was from film and up close)  “Early we saw them play a lot of one-on-one in the post, and tonight they doubled and tripled tonight and I was not expecting that. But hey whatever works. I am used to it, but I was not expecting them to do it because they have such strong post players. I have faced it all year but mentally I was just making some bad turnovers. It wasn’t anything really that they were throwing at me in either a double or triple team. It wasn’t anything new.”



Dee-Dee Wheeler

(On playing LSU and what the difference was from film and up close) We pretty much expected them to play a sagging man-to-man, and that is pretty much what they did tonight. They had Hoston chasing me around and when she was not in Chaney chased me a round. Beside that they played a sagging man in the post.”


(On LSU’s intensity) “We knew going into the game LSU was going to match us speed for speed. They have really great athletes and Temeka controls the team. We allowed her to make decisions in full court and we did not adjust. We sagged off of her and played her as a driver and she hit two threes on us. We did not adjust and it was something we needed to do. And she made us pay. At the end we tried to make a run but it was a little too late.”


(On where LSU ranks among team Arizona played this year) “They are by far the best team we have played all year. They are a great team and they have been in and out of the No. 1 position all season. They are maybe or maybe not the team to win a national championship.”
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