Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
2008-03-11 Melanie's Blog
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 11, 2008
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Hey GymCat faithful! We are on the final stretch of the season which is hard to believe, but we are looking forward to traveling to Denver this weekend, followed by Senior Night! Sigh. I am getting really oldˇ? anyways I was nominated to write this blog because as many of you know I am rarely at a loss for wordsˇ? and a lot needs to be said to sum up our trip in Kentucky last weekendˇ? so here goes!

????????????????We left on Thursday with no hitch in the get-alongˇ? we were all very excited to see the many GymCat fans that awaited us out East. We hung out with Suzanneˇ?s family as they kindly had us all over for a nice hearty meal! We enjoyed the beautiful house, learned a new ping-pong game, and listened to Bree and Suz sing with the family band!!!

????????????????Friday the snow began to fall, and of course many of us were unprepared for the cold weather! But we safely made it to the meet with just some flurries outside. The meet went well, we had a few mental mistakes but, we never let down. Karin recorded a 9.975 on beam!!! And the entire Beam Team deserves the game ball, as they all produced great routines! Floor wasnˇ?t our best, but we are confident it was a learning experience and we canˇ?t wait to perform our best at Denver on Saturday!

????????????????Here comes the best part: we get out of the meet and it had snowed about 4 more inches in mere hours! John and Bill were becoming proˇ?s at scraping the windows! After dinner we got about 2-4 hours of sleep, because we left for Louisville in the vans at 4 am. After a 2 1/2 -hour drive that should have taken a little over an hour, we made it to the airport. Oh wait, I forgot that we were going 35 mph, and Johnˇ?s van was named the struggle bus because the windshield wipers fell off and he had a small keyhole to look out of! So we get to airport just to find out our flight had just left the gate and we were stranded!!! So a few of us caught up on some sleep on the floor of the airportˇ? but I donˇ?t recommend it! The next flight wasnˇ?t until 8 oˇ?clock at night, so what do we do with our time?!?! Well we divided up into two groups and shuttled to a nearby hotel, but 4 rooms and 19 of us proved to be a great time! In my room we pushed the two double beds together, to accommodate more of us. ?It was all an adventure and after we woke up we had some fun in the snow.

????????????????The rest of the day was spent watching Ninja Warrior which is a new team favorite!! Next we headed back to the airport at 6:30 pm, flew from Louisville to Denver and the caught a flight to Phoenix just in timeˇ? But the journey didnˇ?t stop there! We then took a bus from Phoenix to Tucson! I know you are thinking wow what a fun day, huh? Needless to say we made to back to McKale in one pieceˇ? 26 hours after we initially woke up to begin our travels!!

????????????????Well thatˇ?s all for now!!!? J Told you I had a lot to say!!! Thanks for all your amazing support of us, we would be lost without you! Hope to see you all at Senior Meet at McKale Center on March 21st! It will definitely be an emotional day for all of us!!!

????????????????With GymCat love,


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