Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Back in the US!
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 08, 2006
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June 4, 2006

Hola everyone! Guess what? I can speak English to almost everyone I see now! Oh, and I can read the menu and order in English! I can ask for no bacon and not jack up the language completely! I can go to the bathroom and more likely there will be toilet paper, paper towel and soap! I have never been so excited to use an airport bathroom in my life! lol! It was crazy! And then I saw Skittles! Oh wow! I just found a whole new appreciation for the things I took advantage of everyday. A simple washer and dryer! My socks are no longer stiff and hard! Man I am so blessed!

Okay so now I am back in the US, but to give up all those simple extras I have here in the US to experience what I did in Spain, I would do it all over again. That was the best experience of my life. No doubt! Thank you all for supporting me. I apologize for not updating in the past week. We did not have a computer in the hostal, so I only went to the little Internet/phone place like once. We were pretty busy, walking 20 miles a day, or at least that is what it felt like. :) I ate all the gelato I wanted, I knew I would walk it off! :)

Anyway, I will give you a little on what happened in the past week without making it a 12-page essay. So the last time I wrote I believe that we were in Girona. Well, from there we took a "sleeper train" to Madrid, I think I told y'all this part? It was crazy. An ongoing earthquake when you're trying to sleep. Those who know me, know how I feel about earthquakes. And you know I did not fit on that bed! Three of my teammates and three Indian dudes shared a room of six bunks. Yeah crazy! And two of the Indian dudes had a synphony going on! Well, it could have been one of us, but dude! :)

So we get to the outskirts of Madrid. Madrid is very nice. Quite different from Barcelona. It is not as modern, but there is a lot of history there. It is middle of Spain, they call the most central part Sol-sun in Spanish. We saw where Christians were burned at the stake because Spain is a Catholic-based country. This was in the last 100 to 150 years or maybe fewer years ago. Crazy isn't it?

While in Madrid, we did clinics and played a scrimmage and a game. One of the clinics was so cool. We worked with disabled men and women. Their enthusiasm was awesome, well the ones who wanted to be there. We did a dunk show (the rim was lowered to 8 ft.) So I try to do covering my eyes ... I'm not that talented, that's all i have to say. lol!!! My teammates found that out too!

It was hilarious, the last day in Madrid, we were walking across the entire country as usual to get to the train. Well our trainer and coach were way behind us because they were talking. Well, trainer felt something on her bag, turned super fast and saw this dude that was trying to unzip her backpack. Okay, so think about it, what would you do? This is what she and Coach did. Coach turned around as well (dude is like three feet away from them) and they stared at him! They just stared. Trainer said, "This man was trying to pick pocket me!" Coach said, "Who him?" Pointing at him. That man slowly turns and begins a conversation on his cell phone. Once he was about 50 yards away, Coach yells, "Hey!!" lol!! They were so slow!! It was so funny! Man!

Anywho, Spain was amazing. I went there trying to learn how to play for God, and he had so much more planned for me! He grew me so much and just made Himself so real! I cannont be more thankful for how this has changed my life, and I am so thankful for all I experienced! Thank you all for following along! God Bless!!


Of course, if you have more questions, let me know! :)

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