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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 10/21/2012
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 21, 2012
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Oct. 21, 2012

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Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller

Opening Statement:
"I would obviously love to thank all of our fans, everybody who came in today to make it a sell out. There aren't many places in this country that can sell out a Sunday afternoon in October. One of the biggest reasons that everybody came in addition to wanting to see our team is the greatness of the past, our tradition. I know I say this all the time and since the day I got here as the coach at Arizona: we will build our program through the eyes of everything that has happened in the past...before we came. The great players, the great teams, learning from the things they did right and they did a lot right."

"Looking at the 1988 team and one of the great things about honoring them is how well each of them is doing 25 years later. It's amazing. They have camaraderie and a brotherhood that is genuine which a lot of people talk about but very few teams from that long ago have it. But look at who they are as people today and what they have done in their post Arizona careers. To me, as a coach to Arizona that is the greatest gift I can give these players. It was about the past touching the current. Obviously when you're in this building and you feel it and you're a prospect, you know that this is one remarkable place to go to school at, a community to grow and live in and to be a part of a basketball program that is more than a team that it has all the elements of greatness attached to it."

On anything that stood out during the scrimmage:
"I thought our guys did a good job. Intersquad scrimmages are always difficult. As one team scores, you look at the difference. As one team doesn't score, you look at the offense. You can always put the critical eye on your own team. I thought the one good thing about today was they had the opportunity to be around 14,500 people, you had three Pac-12 officials, and anytime we can get our team out there together it gets us a better start. The butterflies, that feeling, isn't as strong, let's hope, in the next couple of weeks."

On the importance of team chemistry:
"Today is the last day we are on different benches. From this point on we all go to one bench. Not everyone on our team will shoot the amount of shots that they want, score the amount of points that they hope to, play the amount of minutes that they aspire to play. How we as a coaching staff, as a team, and them as individual players handle that is crucial to our success. It's also equally important that we begin to define roles. On this year's team if we are going to reach the pinnacle and reach our goals to be where we want to be, we certainly are going to have sacrifice."

On freshman performances:
"All the guys were nervous to some degree, you know its 14,500 people. It's something you build toward. It's something they've known about for some time now. All of them were in the stands last year. They just happened to be recruits at that time. I think they had a pretty good feel for what's to come. It's good they got their feet wet. Kaleb missed some shots close to the basket in the first half, but if you saw him in the second half I thought he settled down. Anytime those guys get out there, or he gets out there, they're going to continue to get better."

Arizona Player Quotes

Senior Kevin Parrom

On comparing this year to last year
"I was speechless. Last year I was just happy to run out there. I had my struggles last year, but this year it's about finishing. It was great out there, from the cheer of the crowd, to being with my teammates, to just being able to run. It was a special moment for me. I'm 100%, I feel solid. I'm back to where I was my sophomore year, I feel great."

On learning from 1988 team
"It's about team. To not think about anything individually, whether it's worrying about stats or the way you're playing. Worry about playing as a team. It's not about individual accolades; it's about how well you do as a team. They all had one goal, to win as many games as they could, and to be a good team."

On this year's size
"I feel like we can get it inside like we did two years ago with Derrick. Once you get it inside it will open up shots outside. We can get it inside to Angelo [Chol], Kaleb [Tarczewski], and then there are guys outside like Nick [Johnson] and I who can shoot."

On freshman Grant Jerrett
"He's very skilled, and you've seen that today. He can take you inside, outside, and he's a very skilled rebounder. He's going to be really good for us. He can pick and pop, he can shoot, and he can go inside. He's very long, so that should help us out on the defensive end. He has a smooth game. You can tell he's been playing since he was little. It comes easy to him on the offensive and defensive ends. He has really long arms, so I'm sure he'll get a lot of blocks this season. You saw what he could do today, and I'm sure you'll see a lot more."

Arizona Sophomore Nick Johnson

On meeting Sean Elliott
"He's probably the best player in program history, he's a great guy."

On nervousness of freshman
"Some of them have played on ESPN, or in the McDonald's All-American game, but those crowds aren't anything compared to this, a sellout all yelling and screaming. I think they started out a little shaky but they got it done."

On recovery of Kevin Parrom
"I watched the season before and he was 100% and he was one of the best players on the team. When the first injury happened, and then the second, he just kept on grinding. We saw him staying in the gym, getting shots up. He and I were on the 20,000 shot plan this summer. You keep seeing it build up, up, and up, and now he's finally 100%."

1988 Team Quotes

Craig McMillan:

On the Arizona atmosphere:
"It started yesterday at the football game, the atmosphere was phenomenal. The fan base here at Arizona is supportive in every sport. I can't believe people remember our team from 25 years ago."

On team from 1988:
"I don't think you could have a better group of guys. The chemistry then was great and even when we get together now, we still have it. A good team requires personality and unselfishness to be as successful as we were."

On 2012-2013 team:
"Sean Elliot put pressure on Sean Miller to be successful. They have a very talented team but it's going to take work to jell as a group. Miller is a great coach so I think he will be able to shape them up and get them to come together and do great things."

Kenny Lofton

On Arizona atmosphere:
"The atmosphere is always the same from what I've seen. The fans stand up at the same time, still wait until the other team scores to sit down. I don't think it has changed much."

On the 2012-13 team:
"I see the guys have a lot of athletic ability, if they can just jell and play together it's going to be something special for them."

On the friendship between the members of the '88 team:
"Some guys live closer to others. I live close to Harvey [Mason] so I talk to him probably every other day. If we are in the areas where another person lives, we call them up and get together. Even if you haven't seen a guy in a year it's still like you're playing together."

Tom Tolbert

On chemistry:
"I've always felt like chemistry isn't always a must but that it keeps things together when things are going poorly. It's easy to see guys pointing fingers when that happens, chemistry, to me, allows things to stay together and there aren't fingers being pointed. For this team at this point it remains to be seen. Kenny [Lofton] and I had a chance to talk to them and I told them the same thing I tell everyone: you have to be able to look your teammates in the eye at the end of the game and say `I gave it everything' and if you have that then you have good chemistry."

On the chemistry of the '88 team:
"I think it started in '87, you would hang out with a different guy every road trip, there weren't any cliques on the team. Then when you put Steve [Kerr] in there and he was our leader, we were all friends, you can't explain it."

On recruiting in college basketball:
"This helps, you see 14,000 people going crazy. If I'm a kid looking at a program in basketball it's great because Arizona is one of the few places where basketball trumps football."

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