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Behind the Basketball: Laurie Edmond
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 15, 2011
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Aug. 15, 2011

Laurie Edmond is a learning specialist in the C.A.T.S. Academic Service Center for the University of Arizona Athletics Department. She works closely with head coach Niya Butts and her staff in directing academic services and specialized study for the women's basketball program.

Here's a Q&A with Laurie Edmond about her work with women's basketball.

What are some of the academic goals for the team and for individuals?

Our goals are to see each student-athlete achieve a GPA of 2.5 or above; to see the seniors on the team graduate this year and for each member of the team to stretch, learn and be challenged.

What do you like most about working in academics for an athletic department?

It is a blessing, and a privilege to work with the student-athletes. It is difficult to choose what I like the most, because I truly enjoy every aspect of what I do. The opportunity to have a positive impact in the lives of young people on a daily basis brings me the great joy.

What types of qualities can student-athletes use on the court and in the classroom?

Giving excellence at all times, being respectful, being prepared, being responsible, being proactive, being punctual, being ready to grow, working hard and integrity.

What is the most important lesson about academics that you try to impart on your student-athletes?

Be life-long learners. Be willing to change and grow as you learn new things throughout the course of life, "When you know better you should do better".

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Every year I am introduced to new students-athletes. I feel honored to have the chance to be a small part of their lives. My job is rewarding because I get to give what God has blessed me with into the lives of these young people. I treat every student as if they were my own children and I love each of them unconditionally. So it is rewarding to watch each of them grow and mature in every aspect of their lives while here at the University of Arizona.

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