Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Head Coach Joan Bonvicini Quotes -

"I am really disappointed with the way that we played out there tonight. I think that the biggest thing that we can be thankful for is that this is a wake-up call. You have to give the New Zealand Olympic Team a lot of credit. They came out and made it obvious from the beginning and established that it was going to be physical. I think that they also out-hustled us. Obviously we hate to lose, but I would rather that it happen in a game like this where we can learn from it.

"Angie Lackey and Tysell Bozeman will not accompany the team to Hawai'i. They have been suspended for a violation of team rules. They will be back after that, but they will be in practice. I'll say that we have been distracted this week. We need to get back and focused, and we will be okay.

"We missed a lot of free throws and had a lot of turnovers at inopportune times. On defense, there were times that we played very well, but there were times that we were very lax."

Arizona Player Quotes

Forward Liz Pickney
"We were not focused tonight. Our turnovers hurt us a lot. I was just trying to play as hard as I could so at the end of the game I could be proud of what I did tonight."

"We're definitely ready to practice tomorrow. Now we know it takes. They (New Zealand) were focused and ready tonight, unlike ourselves."

Guard Felecity Willis
"This is a huge wake-up call for us tonight. Coach B (Bonvicini) says that we have a lack of heart. It's good to lose and learn from it... it's even better to lose early in the year."

Forward Tatum Brown:
"We just need to keep our cool and play our game out there. There were little mistakes that hurt us a lot tonight and we have to get out of those habits. It's good to get it out of our system, though."

"We need to fix some little things, like being patient. Also, on offense, most of our turnovers came when we didn't look before we passed, little things like that. I just need to get my head where it needs to be before every game."

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