Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Round Two at the Wildcat Invitational
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 24, 2004
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Feb. 24, 2004

Junior Miriam Kraschinski, Arizona:

"More puts dropped [today] and I just focused on every single shot and it worked out good. I got into more of a rhythm."

Junior Mar Garcia, Arizona:

"I didn't play as good as yesterday. I didn't hit the ball that good, but I guess I just have to make some puts and make good shots."

"[I want to] make more puts and some position shots [tomorrow]."

Freshman Rachel Gavin, Arizona:

"I shot tons of shots not good. I hit it in the desert and I'd make a double instead of a birdie. But if I stay out of the desert I will be around par. I'm not worried about tomorrow. I know my potential."

Sophomore Lani Elston, Arizona:

"Quite poorly, I shot the same 77. Overall, I feel like my play was a little bit better just had mistakes it was just terrible. I had no feel out there. Couldn't make any puts or hit off the tee. It was just a lot of bad play. It'll get better."

"My mind, it's really my mind which is controlling these wonderful shots I've been hitting. I just need to focus and have confidence and play more aggressively."

Sophomore Cassandra Kirkland, Arizona:

"I didn't play very well. I couldn't hit and couldn't put. I didn't make any puts. Hopefully I will be able to put my game together and play well [tomorrow]."

Sophomore Erica Blasberg, Arizona:

"[I want to] make more puts [tomorrow]."

Arizona Head Coach Greg Allen:

"We're playing the golf course like we've never seen it before. We're hitting it in the desert and getting big numbers and you got to avoid the big numbers and we're not. We're making triples and doubles and not making enough birdies. We are not getting it done. We're a good team; we will just get better, [we're] just struggling right now. We'll go out tomorrow and see what happens."

"Erica fought hard. She had kind of a rollercoaster round. She had a double boogie on the back nine and hit a great par straight after hitting in the water. She shot a 73. She's just frustrated with her putting. She's a great putter, her puts just aren't dropping."

Sophomore Alissa Kuczka, Arizona State:

"[It went] a lot better than yesterday. I felt like it was easier to concentrate, I was more focused than yesterday."

"Well, it helps to not have hail in the middle of a round. There was a lot of shots I missed yesterday and today I was just trying to hit fairways and hit greens."

"It would have been really nice, I really wanted to shot under today. It would be nice to shot under par tomorrow and end the tournament well."

Sophomore Violeta Retamoza, Tennessee:

"It was not to good again. I'm having trouble with my swing and I have an injury in my wrist, so I've been trying to get over it. So it was pretty hard and I haven't played in awhile."

"I'm going to try to make more put and keep the ball in play."

Junior Rachel Kyono, Pepperdine:

"Not as good as I wanted, but it could have been a lot worse."

"The golf course is really tough."

"Just where I choose to hit it. Don't think about where the hazard is, or where out of bounds is."

Freshman Inah Park, New Mexico State:

"I guess it could have been better. I missed a lot of opportunities."

"Pretty much everything. Making more puts and trying to shot well."

Senior Kim Kouwabunpat, Stanford:

"Today didn't do so hot. I didn't have the same groove as yesterday. [Yesterday] I felt really relaxed. I just wasn't hitting greens."

"Get back to where I was yesterday. Go back to hitting greens and getting my priorities."

Senior Sarah Jacobs, Vanderbilt:

"I didn't play very well again. I'm having trouble getting into rhythm."

"To be honest I really don't know because it's been so many things. Yesterday it was putting today it just was really not executing shots. So I feel [I need to] stay focused more than anything."

Junior Kristen White, Ohio State:

"I'm saving it [birdies] all for tomorrow, birdie barrage tomorrow. I guess I did about average, 74. I'm the lag-put queen, but other than that nothing was dropping."

Junior Lindsay Knowlton, Ohio State:

"I don't think we played as well as yesterday, but that is fine because anything can happen on this course as we've seen. So hopefully it'll be a birdie barrage."

Sophomore Sophia Sheridan, California:

"I played ok. Actually I hit better greens, kind of boring."

"I expect to give my best and shoot a low score. I like low scores."

Sophomore May Wood, Vanderbilt:

"I think I hit the ball pretty well. My puts didn't go in, I had a lot of opportunities I didn't capitalize on. But I felt like I played pretty well."

"Be more patient, put a better roll on the ball, hopefully it'll fall."

Senior Sarah Huarte, California:

"I didn't play as well as I did yesterday, but I had some birdie opportunities I missed and that hurts the confidence a little. I didn't put as well today. That's where I really struggled."

"The fairway is the most important [tomorrow]."

Junior Charlotte Mayorkas, UCLA:

"I had one bad hole, just wasn't focused out there. It wasn't my game. [I hope to] put up better numbers [tomorrow]."

Senior Allison Hanna, Ohio State:

"Today I just kind of hung in there. I didn't really make any puts...I just kind of hung in there and just focused on my short game."

UCLA Head Coach Carrie Forsyth:

"Hannah Jun played well, today for us. She's a freshman. She got couple of good holes [today] she shot under par today. I'm pretty proud of her."

Vanderbilt Head Coach Martha Freitag:

"Yeah we played well. It was a very solid effort. The good news is we played well; the better news is we played even better. We have a couple kids who left some shots out there and want to go out and get them tomorrow. Overall, we're hitting the ball well and we know how to play in layers because we do that in Nashville [Tenn.]. We're looking forward to tomorrow.

Ohio State Head Coach Therese Hession:

"We played pretty well. We had a few bad holes that got off track that turned into some big numbers. But they had real good attitudes and hung in there and made the best of the round. Hopefully tomorrow we can hit the ball a little bit better and we are in good shape. Several teams can still win so I think that's where we want to be going into the final round."

"I think just keep doing, I mean, having the confidence in my shot and definitely on my putting and just keep working on that."